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From:  Penzance (SW482311)
To:  St Ives (SW503399)
Distance:  6.5 miles (10.5 km)
Meets:  A30, B3309, B3306
Former Number(s):  A30
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Route outline (key)
B3311 Penzance - St Ives

The B3311 crosses the Penwith peninsula in west Cornwall.

B3311 at its junction with the B3309

The road starts at the large Branwell Lane roundabout just west of Penzance. This is where the A30 Penzance bypass, which opened in 1989, takes its leave around the back of the town. We head into town along a short section of the pre-bypass A30 but after a few hundred yards, at the original southern end of the B3311, it is necessary to make a right turn. Immediately ahead is the bypass, which has been given a flyover across this road. Rising, with plenty of bends, the B3311 runs along the back of housing before it enters the village of Gulval after a sharp deviation to the right.

There are further sharp bends in the village and the road is rather narrow in this section. The rise and the bends continue as the village is left behind and the National Speed Limit sign is reached. Presently, a rather good view of Mounts Bay and St Michael's Mount appears on the right.

After a mile and a half of this rural traverse, there is an advanced direction sign for a junction on the right marked for Redruth (A30). This is actually the unmarked B3309. At the junction itself, the distance to Redruth is marked as 16, but again the B road credentials don't appear.

The hamlet of Castle Gate is too small to warrant a speed limit reduction and is passed through without delay. Ahead on the right is a very large layby which seems completely out of proportion with the size and use of the road. One imagines that it is provided to afford a photographic stop for a very splendid outlook down to the aforementioned Mount.

The road continues its rural theme, but this time surrounded by the rough moorland of Penwith rather than the earlier farmland. A steep hill down (at 16%) is then advertised and it's down into the village of Nancledra which does have a 30 mph limit. Again, it's rather narrow in the village and the bridge over the Red River is single track, with priority from the other direction. This is soon followed with a man-made chicane and priority for this side.

It's back to the NSL and a climb to match the one from the other side of the village. A short time later the village of Cripplesease is reached, which is fairly small but it does have a pub and its own 30 mph limit.

The road then goes across further open moorland before reaching a side road on the right, marked for Hayle and Lelant. Although unclassified, it is the width of a B road and traffic coming off the Hayle bypass for St Ives is actually directed via that road and the rest of this route. The traffic will increase accordingly for the rest of the trip.

The village of Halsetown (and another 30 mph limit) is passed before a final NSL and soon after a final 30 mph at Penbeagle where the road terminates at a t-junction with the B3306.

For locals and those in the know, the B3311 and connecting roads make, during holiday time, a superior route to the single carriageway and slow A30 from the end of the Hayle bypass.

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