B35 (Jersey)

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From:  La Moye
To:  Le Grand Etacquere
Distance:  5.5 miles (8.9 km)
Meets:  A13, B44, B43, B41, C123, (B34)
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Route outline (key)
B35 La Moye - Le Grand Etacquere

The B35 runs round the back of the wide St Ouen's Bay on Jersey's west coast. For the most part it curves through the sand dunes just a short way inland from the high tide line, with car parks giving access to the vast beach on the one side, and the nature reserves on the other. There are also a small number of tourist attractions along the road, including the islands military museum.

Starting at La Moye, the road meets the A13 and B44 at a t junction, heading west and crossing the railway path. It winds down to the shore at La Pulente, turning north behind the sands. After a little wiggle, it sets off on the first of three long straights, where it can be hard for tourists to remember the 40mph speed limit, with good sight lines and a reasonably wide carriageway. The road is known as the five mile road, and whilst the B35 is indeed around 5 miles long, the name only really applies to these straights, which are less than 3 miles in total.

At the northern end of the straights, the route kinks right, turning inland, and climbs a little into a gulley. Where the B64 continues ahead, the B35 doubles back sharply to the left and runs northwest to L'Etacq, where the route becomes a little less clear. The mainline becomes the C123 to curve around the headland, and then the B34. However, there is a short linking route climbing between the two sides of the loop, and this is a States road, so may be part of the B35, but it is not clear.

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B35 (Jersey)
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