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From:  Stroud (SO850054)
To:  Birdlip (SO929148)
Distance:  12.8 miles (20.6 km)
Meets:  A46, A417
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B4070 Stroud - Birdlip
(A417) Birdlip
B4070 Birdlip - Cheltenham
This article is about the current B4070 north of Stroud, parallel to the A46.
For the original B4070 west of Stroud to the A38, see B4070 (Stonehouse - Claypits)



The B4070 is a largely rural route in the Cotswolds.

The road starts at a roundabout on the A46 in Stroud and, after an immediate left-hand bend, follows Slad Road out of town. This is a surprisingly narrow road considering we're in a town and it takes some time for the white lines to appear down the middle of the road. Presently open country is reached and we continue along the valley of the Slad Brook, which we have been following since the outset albeit not obviously.

We follow a winding route along the northwest side of the valley and presently go through Slad itself. The valley soon ends and we go through a wood and along the top of a ridge then cross fields, keeping out of any other valleys. The road passes a few isolated buildings but there are no more villages until, after another wood, it enters Birdlip.

There's a T-junction on the near side of the village. There's a steep descent to the left which is a short-cut for Gloucester but the B4070 TOTSOs right then turns sharply left in the village centre soon afterwards. Now on the original line of the A417 we bend gradually round to the right to end at a T-junction on the present route of that road.


This is the second incarnation of the B4070; it was an early example of a recycled number as the road came into being in the mid-1920s. However, it did not cover any of the road described above. Originally the road started on what was the A419 at the Air Balloon and headed north through Leckhampton to end on the A46 on the southern side of Cheltenham.

By 1932 the road had been extended south along a multiplex along the A419 and thence to the A46 in Stroud, thus making it an alternative route to that road between Cheltenham and Stroud.

The B4070 still reached Cheltenham in the 1990s but the original section of the road has now been declassified. However, what remains of the road has been lengthened slightly following an upgrade to the A417.

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