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From:  Evesham (SP034430)
To:  Whittington (SO878522)
Via:  Pershore
Distance:  12.1 miles (19.5 km)
Meets:  A4184, B4035, B4536, A4104, A44, M5, A44
Former Number(s):  A44
Old route now:  B4624, A44, B4083, A4538
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B4084 Evesham - Martin Hussingtree
B4084 Evesham - Whittington
B4084 (Branch) Hawbridge - Egdon

The B4084 is a rural B-road in central Worcestershire.



The road starts at traffic lights on the A4184 and the B4035 in Evesham, immediately to the south of the River Avon, and heads westwards along the Avon Valley.

It goes through the suburb of Hampton then into open country. The next village is Cropthorne before the road bypasses Wick and crosses the new Pershore Bridge over the River Avon into Pershore itself. After going along the narrow Bridge Street, it meets the B4536 at the southern end of the High Street and the A4104 at traffic lights at the northern end.

Following a short multiplex along the A-road the B4084 leaves town along Worcester Road. After passing Drakes Broughton a spur of the B4084 turns off to the right, signposted Droitwich, although it only goes for about a mile before ending on the A44. The mainline continues through Stoulton before going under the London - Hereford Railway Line and over the Birmingham - Bristol Line in quick succession. It ends shortly afterwards at M5 J7 on the edge of Worcester. Straight ahead is a very short section of A44 linking to the A4440 Worcester bypass (but not to the rest of the A44!).


Roads round Pershore in 1932

The B4084 has only had its current route since the completion of the Wyre Piddle bypass in the 2000s. This allowed the routes of the A44 and B4084 between Evesham and Worcester to be swapped. In other words, all that has gone above was the A44 for many years and explains why there is a disembodied section of A44 at the western end of the current route of the B4084.

Originally the B4084 started in Evesham on the then-A435 and left town along Worcester Road. It went through Wyre Piddle and bypassed Worcester to the east before ending on the A38 at Martin Hussingtree. The northern section, between the A422 and A38, was upgraded to Class I status with the coming of the M5, becoming the A4538, which it remains. The spur near Stoulton was classified as B4084 round the same time; this was the only section of B4084 not to change its number in the 2000s.

The original route of the A44 through Evesham and Pershore was unsuitable for through traffic (as anyone driving it will see). It did not connect to the Evesham bypass at the eastern end for one thing. The Wyre Piddle bypass therefore allowed the A44 to be upgraded by the simple method of rerouting it. The entire route of the B4084 therefore became A44 whereas the A44 between Evesham and the M5 became the B4084. Later the A44 was linked with the Evesham bypass and the easternmost section of the original route of the B4084 became the B4624.

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