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From:  Palmerstown (ST145691)
To:  Llandaff (ST162772)
Via:  Sully, Penarth, Llandough
Distance:  9.1 miles (14.6 km)
Meets:  A4055, A4231, A4232, A4161, A4119, B4488
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Cardiff  • Vale of Glamorgan

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B4267 Palmerstown - Penarth - Llandaff
This article is about the current B4267 between Palmerstown and Llandaff via Lower Penarth.
For the original B4267 from Llantwit Major to Cowbridge, see B4267 (Llantwit Major - Cowbridge)

The B4267 is a J-shaped road in south Glamorgan.

The road starts at a roundabout on the eastern edge of Barry, where it meets the A4055 and A4231. Although the other end of our road is to the northeast we initially head south past Barry Power Station, then bear left at a roundabout to pass through Sully. After entering open country the road bears round to the left to avoid reaching the coast and presently reaches the outskirts of Penarth, with the road heading north for the first time. We pass a golf course then bear left to bypass the town centre, as this road always has.

We follow Lavernock Road through the western suburbs, eventually reaching traffic lights where we return to the A4055. There's a short multiplex to the right to another set of lights where the B4267 regains its number by turning left. The road now passes through Llandough, initially past a large hospital but after the village centre is reached the road becomes rural once more. We follow a winding, wooded course and presently go over the River Ely and under the A4232 to reach a roundabout which forms part of a GSJ with that road.

We continue ahead along the dual-carriageway Leckwith Road, passing a couple of sports stadia and a retail park before the road becomes a residential S2 once more. We go under two railway bridges by Ninian Park station then cross the A4161 at traffic lights to head through Canton. At traffic lights on the now-unclassified former A48 we zigzag left then right and continue north along Llandaff Road. It's not long before the end of the road is reached at traffic lights. Left is the B4488; the other two directions are numbered A4119.


All of the above was unclassified in 1922. However, by 1932 the northern section, from Llandaff to the A4055 at Llandough, had been numbered B4258, then the B4267 came into being in 1935 along the southern section. At the same time the majority of the B4258 was renumbered as an extension of the A4055, leaving only the short section through Canton with Class II status.

By 1991 the A4055 had been rerouted. However, instead of extending the B4258 southwards the B4267 was extended northwards instead, thus giving our road its present route.

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