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B4419 (Caernarfon)

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From:  Victoria Dock, Caernarfon (SH477629)
To:  St David's Road roundabout (SH481631)
Via:  Church Street, Castle Ditch, Bangor Street
Distance:  0.9 miles (1.4 km)
Meets:  A4086, A487
Former Number(s):  A487
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Route outline (key)
B4419 Link in Caernarfon
This article is about the B4419 in Caernarfon town centre.
For the other section of B4419 on Anglesey, see B4419 (Anglesey)
The newly laid-out Castle Square in Caernarfon

Until 30 July 1954 a regular ferry service operated from the village of Tal-y-foel in Anglesey across the Menai Strait to Caernarfon. B4419 was the number given to the route at each end of the crossing, running northward for 10 km to Pentre Berw on the A55 and, at the mainland end, for a little under 0.6 km to connect the ferry slipway near Victoria Dock to the A499 in Caernarfon town centre.

This article describes the short, mainland section of the B4419, still so numbered despite the withdrawal of the ferry service more than 60 years ago. It should be noted that, as the result of the introduction of one-way schemes, the route as officially defined by Gwynedd Council cannot be driven in its entirety in both directions. Furthermore, the number B4419 is not indicated anywhere on the ground.

The route today starts on Bank Quay, adjoining the Victoria Dock. It immediately enters the walled town, running south along Church Street, which, after intersecting the High Street, becomes Shirehall Street. All of this first section is one-way southbound until a point about 75 metres before the end of the latter street, when it becomes two-way.

In front of the castle walls the route turns left and follows Castle Ditch to reach the large, open Castle Square (also known as Y Maes, "the field"). In 2005 the square (actually, rather more of a triangle in shape) was redesigned to make it an an early example of a "shared space" scheme – in which car, bus, cycle, and pedestrian traffic is allowed to mix freely with a minimum of signs and surface markings.

Bangor Street, Caernarfon

Originally, the B4419 ended here – at a roundabout near the north-east side of the square – where it met the A499 (later A487). Today, the A487 having been shifted eastward to an "inner bypass" route, the B4419 has been extended from Castle Square:

  1. for 260 metres eastward (and one-way in that direction) along Pool Street to meet the present route of the A487; and
  2. for 500 metres northward along Bridge Street, again to meet the A487 but this time at the St David's Road roundabout; here the first 85 metres are one-way southbound; the next 160 are one-way northbound, and the rest is two-way.

An amended OpenStreetMap trace for this route awaits uploading to the SABRE Wiki.

B4419 (Caernarfon)
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