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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Bridgnorth (SO716924)
To:  near Kinlet (SO721819)
Via:  Chelmarsh, Highley
Distance:  9.9 miles (15.9 km)
Meets:  B4363
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Route outline (key)
B4555 Bridgnorth - Highley - Kilnet
The B4555 at Sutton

The B4555, which runs south for some 10 miles from Bridgnorth in south-east Shropshire, is a loop off the B4363 Bridgnorth to Cleobury Mortimer road. The road came into existence in 1935 but only as the short section west of Highley and was only extended to Bridgnorth around 1990.

The road leaves Bridgnorth following the west bank of the Severn and soon passes under the town's bypass (the A458) at the point where that road bridges the river. At Knowle Sands the B4555 climbs up and away from the river and crosses the Severn Valley Railway line, which runs through a short tunnel here. After passing through the rather straggly but well-heeled-looking village of Eardington, the road begins to descend and crosses over the railway again at an S-bend bridge and passes Eardington Halt (currently not in use) before turning sharp right to pass under the line at a low bridge (3.8 m).

By this point we are again not far from the Severn (though it's more-or-less invisible from the road) but now we climb away from it southwestward, at right angles to the river, to reach the village of Chelmarsh. A leftward bend in the road here restores the overall southerly alignment of our route and we pass next through the small hamlet of Sutton and the large village of Highley.

About a kilometre after leaving Highley, we reach the brink of the steep-sided valley of the Borle Brook and the road suddenly takes it into its head to swing sharply right and descend to run along the north bank of this small river, a tributary of the Severn. Curiously enough, there was no road at all at this point as recently as 1929. Whatever the full story, the B4555 now runs in a generally westerly direction through the wooded valley, passing the site of the Kinlet Colliery (closed in 1937) before eventually crossing the Borle Brook by means of a stone bridge with "engineered" approaches which appears not to date from much before the 1930s.

After joining what must have been an older route coming from Highley via Netherton and Borlemill Bridge, the B4555 finally runs west-by-southwest for another kilometre or so, to rejoin the B4363 (last encountered at Bridgnorth) some 2 km north of Kinlet.

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