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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Beaufort (SO168116)
To:  Talgarth (SO151336)
Via:  Llangorse, Llangynidr
Distance:  16.8 miles (27 km)
Meets:  A4047, A4281, B4558, A40, A479
Highway Authorities

Blaenau Gwent • Powys

Traditional Counties

Brecknockshire • Monmouthshire

Route outline (key)
B4560 Beaufort – Llangynidr
(B4558) Llangynidr
B4560 Llangynidr – Bwlch
(A40) Bwlch
B4560 Bwlch – Talgarth
Mountain View

The B4560 is a medium-length B-road, mostly in Brecknockshire. The road was originally unclassified but gained its number in 1935.

The road starts on the A4047 (former A465) in Beaufort, a northern suburb of Ebbw Vale, and heads north along Llangynidr Road, emphasising the road's first main destination. We quickly reach an east-facing GSJ with the A4281 (another former route of the A465) before passing through Garnlydan to go over the present A465; there is no junction here.

Now in open country, the road crosses a cattle grid and climbs, not particularly steeply, onto the moors, soon entering the Brecon Beacons National Park, which it stays in for the rest of its route. We cross the largely featureless terrain, then start to descend more steeply into the valley of the River Usk below. After a couple of hairpin bends another cattle grid is crossed and the road narrows between hedges as it runs along the side of a valley. It passes to the south of Llangynidr, as it always has done, before the central line comes back and the road bears left to reach a T-junction on the B4558.

There's a multiplex to the left for about half a mile into the village and the B4560 regains its number by turning right along a road signed with width and weight limits. After crossing the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal the reason for the restrictions becomes clear as we cross the old bridge over the Usk, which is barely wide enough for a single lane of traffic. On the far side the road widens to S1 and then climbs steeply out of the valley to reach a T-junction on the A40. There's another multiplex to the left into Bwlch, where the B4560 regains its number by turning right at a triangular junction with the war memorial in the centre.

S2 once more we head north along the side of a valley then run above Llangors Lake to reach the village of Llangors itself. We remain in the valley as we continue on. After going through Trefecca the road reaches Talgarth, where it ends at a roundabout on the A479 relief road. Prior to its construction our road continue for a short distance further along the narrow High Street into the town centre.

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