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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Marlow (SU850868)
To:  Stokenchurch (SU764960)
Distance:  8.4 miles (13.5 km)
Meets:  A4155, A40
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Route outline (key)
B482 Marlow - Stokenchurch


The B482 is a rural B-road in south Buckinghamshire.

Marlow - Stokenchurch

The B482 near Wycombe Air Park

The B482 starts in the centre of Marlow, at a mini-roundabout on the A4155. It heads northwest out of town along Dean Street, then forks right to become Seymour Court Road, a straight road heading northwards out of the town. At Seymour Court Farm, the road becomes Marlow Road and the ruler-like straight of Seymour Court Road is left behind. Marlow Road has bends, though still doesn't deviate from a straight line much.

All the way from Marlow, there has been a gradual ascent - now this ascent gets a bit steeper and, as it flattens out, there is a trig point hidden in the hedge. While the views across the valleys to either side, and back down into the Thames Valley behind us, are good from this 130 m-high vantage point, this is a false summit - the first time we will cross a contour heading downhill being nearly 2 miles further along at Wycombe Air Park, 20 metres higher. Those 2 miles are rather uneventful, with the road running with a hedge on each side, passing a couple of side turns for farms. Just before the Air Park, the limit drops briefly to 50 and some houses front the road. There is a major junction with Clay Lane, which links to Wycombe and the Air Park. As it forms the main link between the B482 corridor and Wycombe, a lot of traffic turns here. Then the limit returns to NSL as the road runs along the bottom of the Air Park.

The B482 running next to the M40

Straight after the Air Park, there is a small valley. Sharp corners are needed to keep the road relatively flat. Just afterwards, back on the flat top of the ridge the road and higher than before the B482 enters the village of Lane End. Lane End is a fairly large village, much enlarged since the 1920s. After passing through the village, the road (now named Finings Road) passes through Finings Wood and the small village of Bolter End, where there is a staggered crossroads, before reaching the village of Cadmore End. From Cadmore End, all the way to Stokenchurch, the M40 travels close to the B482: to begin with the two roads are 200 yards apart and they do not get further apart than that. After the village there is a corner and a long straight. Just after the corner, the road widens and there is an over-engineered staggered crossroads for two minor roads. Just after that, for over half a mile, there is only the width of a hedge separating the two roads, with the motorway having been built right alongside the straight B road.

The near-constant gradual climb towards Stokenchurch has been continuing and the motorway and B road cross the 200 m contour next to each other. After this section of running next to each other, the B482 turns to cross a bridge over the motorway and enters Stokenchurch. For a little while the road runs with houses on parallel roads or side roads, but some direct frontages occur on the right-hand side. Frontages on the left side appear about 200 yards into the village, and the ones on the right revert to being on parallel roads all the way to the A40. The frontages on the left disappear temporarily when going past the cemetery (on the right). The road ends at a skewed T-junction with the A40 on the eastern side of the village centre, only a mile away from junction 5 of the M40.


The one change: the bridge over the M40

The B482 itself has mostly been unchanged since classification in 1922, though back then it met the A32/A416 merger in Marlow, rather than the A4155. The one change in alignment is where the M40 has been bridged.

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