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From:  Rudheath Woods (SJ746699)
To:  Northwich (SJ666741)
Distance:  5.9 miles (9.5 km)
Meets:  A50, B5081, A556, A530, A559, B5075
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Cheshire East • Cheshire West and Chester

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B5082 Rudheath Woods - Broken Cross
B5082 Broken Cross
B5082 Broken Cross - Northwich

The B5082 is a short, largely rural B-road in northern Cheshire. It is the most direct route between Holmes Chapel and Northwich, although this fact is not signposted.

The B5082 starts on the A50 about two miles north of Holmes Chapel in the area known as Rudheath Woods (not to be confused with Rudheath, which it meets later!). As a hint to its final destination, the street name here is already Northwich Road. The road starts off running dead straight through the wood, so that a bend about half a mile later comes as a bit of a shock. However, this bend is only to accommodate the bridge over the M6 and the former route of the road is obvious.

On the far side of the motorway, the road skirts Shakerley Mere to the south. This lake has in fact only been in existence since the 1960s as it is the remains of a sand quarry, now a nature reserve. Leaving the lake behind the B5082 meets the B5081 at a badly signed staggered junction next to a pub. Beyond this point, the street name - Holmes Chapel Road - reminds us of where we have come from.

Holmes Chapel Road

The B5082 remains straight (although not as much as before) and flat and is now largely featureless. It passes a number of farm buildings before entering the linear village of Lach Dennis, the only settlement of any size on the road except at the two ends, although the village is so leafy it does not seem particularly big. There is an old fingerpost sign at the road junction with Common Lane, just inside the village.

The B5082 leaves Lach Dennis soon after passing the village hall, church and pub. It passes through more featureless landscape before meeting the dual-carriageway A556 Northwich bypass and traffic is forced to turn left. When the bypass was built the B5082 was severed: the old road appears on the far side of the A556 but is now purely residential. B5082 traffic into is therefore directed along the A556 for a few hundred yards to a roundabout and then right along the A530 into Rudheath. Traffic for Northwich from here is actually directed further along the bypass and then into town along the A533.

The B5082 reappears again at Broken Cross on the A530. It crosses over the Trent & Mersey Canal immediately and soon passes Rudheath Community High School before entering Northwich proper (although the join is not particularly visible). The road eventually crosses over the Mid-Cheshire railway line adjacent to Northwich railway station, although we are still some distance from the town centre. On the far side of the bridge Manchester Road (the pre-bypass line of the A556) comes in from the right marking the original northern end of the B5082. Now, however, the road continues ahead. A short distance afterwards the road bends to the right to meet a roundabout. This was put in when the A559 was rerouted away from the town centre. The old road is clearly seen continuing straight on from the bend.

The B5082 ends at this roundabout on the A559. The B5075, also rerouted albeit more so, is the other classified road that joins here. Northwich town centre is about a quarter of a mile west of here.

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