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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Sheepy Magna (SK327015)
To:  Bardon Hill (SK457118)
Distance:  14.7 miles (23.7 km)
Meets:  B4116, A444, A447, B582, A511
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B585 Sheepy Magna - Wellsborough
B585 Wellsborough - Bull in the Oak
B585 Bull in the Oak - Bardon Hill
B585 Bagworth - Coalville - Thringstone
Wellsborough Road, Sheepy Parva

The B585 is a rural B-road in western Leicestershire.

It starts on the B4116 in Sheepy Magna. The road heads east through Sheepy Parva to reach the A444 at a T-junction to the west of Wellsborough.

The B585 now disappears, to reappear on the A447 at Bull in the Oak, over four miles to the east. It is obvious that the road in between, through Market Bosworth with its one-way system, was part of the B585 at one time but this was declassified in recent years.

From Bull in the Oak, the B585 heads vaguely northeastwards to the edge of Newbold Verdon where it meets the B582. The road TOTSOs left then right very soon afterwards to bypass Barlestone. This is a multiplex with the B582 with the B585 as the dominant number. Presently, near the village of Nailstone, a T-junction is met. The B582 turns left and the B585 turns right.

The B585 continues northeastwards to the northern edge of Bagworth. Here it TOTSOs left then takes the next turn right. It crosses a goods-only railway line before skirting an industrial estate. It turns right at a roundabout follows a dual-carriageway before ending at the next roundabout on the A511 at Bardon Hill.


Originally the western end of the B585 was on the A447 at Bull in the Oak. It followed its current route past Newbold Verdon before heading off through the centre of Bagworth. It crossed its current route at the two TOTSOs to the north of Bagworth before going through Coalville and Thringstone to end there on the A512.

The road was extended west to Sheepy Magna in the 1920s. It then kept this route until at least the 1990s before gaining the gap through Market Bosworth and having its northern end rerouted to avoid Coalville.

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