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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Shepshed (SK482182)
To:  Stanton under Bardon (SK471116)
Distance:  4.8 miles (7.7 km)
Meets:  A512, A511
Former Number(s):  B5330, B5350
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B591 Shepshed - Stanton under Bardon
B591 Quorn - Copt Oak


Towards Nanpanton

The B591 follows the M1 for a few miles across Charnwood in Leicestershire.

The road starts at traffic lights on the southern edge of Shepshed on the A512, a short distance west of M1 J23. The road heads south, immediately entering open country if we ignore the recycling centre behind the trees on the left. The road follows a straight route across the undulating fields and it's not long before we go under the M1. After passing a farm we continue on to the hamlet of Whittle Hill and a T-junction; we TOTSO right.

The road remains straight as we continue on with good views of Beacon Hill on the left. The M1 gradually approaches from the right and after we go through Copt Oak we go over the motorway. About a mile further on the B591 ends at a signalised roundabout on the A511 a short distance west of M1 J22.


The B591 in 1932

The B591 was unclassified in 1922 but presumably came into existence in the late 1920s. The road originally started on the original line of the A6 near Quorn and headed westwards via Woodhouse to meet its current route to the north of Copt Oak. The section from here to the A50 (present A511) is original.

This was the route of the B591 until at least the 1990s. However, the majority of the roads in Charnwood have since been declassified and the B591 is no exception, with only the section south of Copt Oak remaining. To keep the classified road as a through route the road has taken over part of the B5350 as far as Whittle Hill, then the B5330 as far as the A512 and Shepshed. The majority of these two B-roads are also now unclassified.

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