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From:  Fulwood, Sutton in Ashfield (SK478575)
To:  Sutton Forest Side (SK513597)
Distance:  2.9 miles (4.7 km)
Meets:  A38, B6026, B6028, A38, A617
Former Number(s):  A38
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6023 Fulwood - Sutton Forest Side
This article is about the current B6023 which is the old A38 road through Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.
For the original B6023, now an unclassified road in Sutton in Ashfield, see B6023 (Outram Street)


The B6023 is an urban road through the town of Sutton in Ashfield. This road was formerly the main road between the M1 and Mansfield, numbered the A615. It was renumbered as the A38 in October 1977, when that road was extended north of Derby to meet the M1. The road was reclassified to its present number when the Sutton bypass was constructed in the late 1980s.

Fulwood - Sutton Forest Side

Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield

The road starts at one of the many sets of traffic lights on the A38 that bypasses Sutton in Ashfield. Travelling through the suburbs of Sutton, it quickly heads towards the centre of town, firstly meeting with a large roundabout with the B6026 to Huthwaite. Unlike most British roundabouts, some arms have priority over traffic already on the roundabout. The road then becomes D2 for a short distance, before reaching some traffic lights and the road that skirts the southern end of the town centre. This is part of an abandoned attempt at creating an inner ring road; traces can still be seen of an urban dual carriageway on High Pavement, but this road remains unclassified.

Back to our own road though - the dual carriageway is soon behind us, and we are now down to a wide single carriageway that almost runs as an S4 route. Another two roundabouts beckon, and we are in the centre of town, passing the supermarket on our right. Shortly, we reach a crossroads with the B6028. This crossroads is the bane of many learner drivers taking their test, as the test centre is just around the corner, coupled with the fact that the box junction is confused with lane markings here. The B6023 takes the route ahead, although it kinks a little to the right in doing so. Another crossroads follows quickly, and we leave the town centre behind, to a mixture of industrial premises and housing estates. A mile from the centre we reach our terminus, a large, complicated junction that was originally a roundabout. From here, a left turn takes us onto the A617 towards Chesterfield, straight on is the A38 to Mansfield, and right is also the A38, heading back to where we started.

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