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From:  Rufford (SK641651)
To:  Worksop (SK591775)
Distance:  8.9 miles (14.3 km)
Meets:  A614, B6030, A6075, A616, A57
Former Number(s):  B6005
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6034 Rufford - Budby
(A616) Budby
B6034 Budby - Worksop Bypass


The B6034 is a road of two parts, passing through Sherwood Forest and the Dukeries in Nottinghamshire. It is split in two by the A616 at Budby.

Section 1: Rufford - Budby

Starting at a T-junction with the A614, the road heads northwest and passes through forest, where there is a left turn to Center Parcs. Quickly leaving the forest behind, we follow a generally straight road up to the signalised crossroads with the B6030. A left turn takes us to Mansfield via Clipstone, and a right turn takes us back to the A614. However we carry straight on into Edwinstowe.

The first part of Edwinstowe, Lidgett, consists of mostly 1960s and 1970s housing estates. It is separated from Edwinstowe proper by the old Mansfield to Ollerton railway line, which we pass under at the site of the old railway station. Shortly after, we negotiate a fairly simple one-way system at the centre of the village. We have to travel around the west side of the main street, and multiplex with the A6075 for a couple of hundred yards to the right, before turning left onto the main route again. Heading the other way is more simple - straight on through the main shopping street (watch out for speed ramps!).

Swinecote Road

We leave the village quickly, passing the parish church where, legend has it, Robin Hood and Maid Marion were married. Shortly after, we pass the turning for another of Robin's haunts - the Major Oak and visitor centre, around the back of the cricket ground (although Robin never visited the last two!). The National Speed Limit beckons, and we enter countryside on the last part before we stop at the A616, where we have to turn left and start to multiplex.

Section 2: Budby - Worksop

North of Budby

After nearly two miles on the A616, we turn right at a mini-roundabout after Budby village and rejoin our road again. A right turn is signed to Thoresby Hall, and we are now deep in the Dukeries, a collection of stately homes and associated parkland. The road passes fields and woods, and then drops down a hill towards a crossroads. The right turn here takes us into Clumber Park, with its long Lime Tree avenue.

We press on northwards though, and around a pair of bends. Clumber Park is on our right, with various public and private entrances, whilst the private Welbeck Park is to the left. After a quick run through the forest, we start to approach Worksop. A side turning to the left (the original line of the road) provides a quick way into Worksop, but the road bends to the right, aiming for the A57 Worksop Bypass, where the route ends.


The section between Budby and Worksop town centre was originally numbered A6009 but became the B6005 in the 1970s. After the A57 Worksop bypass was built in the mid 1980s the road was renumbered as an extension of the B6034, albeit rerouted to the bypass.

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