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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Heckmondwike (SE212244)
To:  Midgley (SE271146)
Via:  Thornhill, Netherton
Distance:  9.3 miles (15 km)
Meets:  A62, A651, A638, A644, B6409, A642, A637
Highway Authorities

Kirklees  • Wakefield

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6117 Westfield - Midgley

The B6117 is a cross-country B-road in West Yorkshire.

The road starts at traffic lights in the Westfield area of Heckmondwike, where it meets the A62 and A651, and heads south through the urban area. On the edge of Heckmondwike town centre the road TOTSOs right at a T-junction shortly before reaching the A638. The B6117 comprises two parallel one-way streets meeting the A638 at adjacent sets of traffic lights.

There is a short multiplex along the A638 to a third set of traffic lights from where the B6117 turns right and continues southwards. This, incidentally, is the original northern end of the B6117. For the next couple of miles the road essentially acts as a western bypass to Dewsbury. It goes through the suburb of Dewsbury Moor and passes Crow Nest Park (home of Dewsbury Museum) before passing the end of the High Street and becoming one-way. Eventually the A644 is reached. Northbound traffic, incidentally, runs slightly to the west, having to TOTSO left when it reaches the other direction of travel.

Regardless of which direction you are travelling there is a short multiplex along the A644. The B6117 reappears at a set of traffic lights halfway between the two junctions in the previous paragraph. The road then descends the hillside with a hairpin bend and crosses traffic lights (with what is sometimes marked as another arm of the B6117, which A644 Dewbsury-bound traffic uses to make the right turn onto the B6117 instead) just before going under the Manchester to Leeds railway line. After passing a factory the road goes over the River Calder to reach a double mini-roundabout and the B6409. The Huddersfield to Wakefield railway line is crossed, followed by the Calder & Hebble Navigation, after which the road climbs into Thornhill.

The road continues east, descending through the fields, to reach a T-junction on the A642. As twice before, there is another multiplex here. The road goes east under a disused railway viaduct before turning right at traffic lights to regain its number. The B6117 climbs once more into the village of Netherton. It crosses fields into Midgley, where it ends at a T-junction on the A637.

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