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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Horbury (SE303188)
To:  Batley (SE246238)
Via:  Ossett
Distance:  6.9 miles (11.1 km)
Meets:  A642, A642, B6129, A638, A653, B6124, A652
Former Number(s):  A642, B6129
Highway Authorities

Kirklees  • Wakefield

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6128 Horbury - Batley
B6128 Ossett - Dewsbury
Benton Hill

The B6128 is a largely urban B-road near the Yorkshire town of Dewsbury.

The road starts on the A642 just west of its bridge under the M62 on the eastern edge of Horbury and heads west along Wakefield Road into the centre of the village. It then runs along the traffic-calmed High Street before the road splits; a spur heads left down Quarry Hill back to the A642. The reason for the spur is that the A642 used to go through Horbury. When it was moved onto its current route in the 1960s the entire of the pre-bypass section became an extension of the B6128.

From its original southern end in Horbury the B6128 heads northwestwards along Westfield Road. It then crosses a couple of fields before entering the next village, South Ossett, which merges seamlessly into Ossett itself. The road runs along the dead-straight Station Road to reach a mini-roundabout. The original line of the B6128 is straight ahead but this is now pedestrianised so the road TOTSOs right onto Prospect Road to skirt the town centre. It reaches traffic lights where it TOTSOs left; the road to the right being the B6129. The road bends right at the back of the town hall to reach a mini-roundabout.

The road to the left joins up with Wesley Street, the original line of the B6128. It headed west through Earlsheaton to end on the A638 on the eastern edge of Dewsbury. However, since 1935 the B6128 has instead left Ossett along Kingsway (turning right at the mini-roundabout). The road heads north to a roundabout in Ossett Street Side, where it crosses the original line of the A638, before reaching the present bypass at the next roundabout.

Our road continues northwestwards as Owl Lane through an area that is part rural, part industrial estate. It reaches the Dewsbury suburb of Shaw Cross and a roundabout. Owl Lane continues to the right as a spur of the B6128 providing access to the eastbound A653 at traffic lights. This part of Owl Lane was the original line of the B6128, which terminated here until recently. Interestingly, there is no restriction on right turns from the new mainline of the B6128, which also crosses the A653 here at its own set of traffic lights. This staggered junction layout facilitates a short right turn filter on the A653 which runs in the few seconds it takes the opposing traffic to approach, having been held back at the Owl Lane turning.

The B6128 now continues north along the new Challenge Way, initially along the route of a dismantled railway line. After crossing a roundabout it heads west through an industrial estate and under a viaduct on the Leeds to Dewsbury railway line to reach another roundabout. The road then heads northwest to end at traffic lights on the A652 in Batley town centre.

Just prior to this terminus is another short spur of the B6128 which enters one-way from the right, carrying traffic heading in the opposite direction having come from Batley town centre and the B6124 Soothill Lane.

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