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B6135 (Castleford - Lofthouse)

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From:  Methley Junction (SE394261)
To:  Thorpe on the Hill (SE315268)
Distance:  5.5 miles (8.9 km)
Meets:  A639, A642, A61, A654
Highway Authorities

Leeds  • Wakefield

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6135 Methley Junction - Thorpe-on-the-Hill
This article is about the original and still extant B6135 in Yorkshire.
For the other incarnation of the B6135 through Drighlington in the same county, see B6135 (Drighlington)

Lofthouse interchange as seen from the B6135 Long Thorpe Lane

The B6135 runs parallel to the M62 to the west of the Yorkshire town of Castleford.

The road starts on the A639 at Methley Junction, adjacent to the low bridge under the Leeds to Castleford railway line, and heads west, soon entering open country. After running through the settlement of Scholey Hill (which is very low-lying) the road goes under the M62 for the first time. From this point on the motorway is never far away.

Presently the B6135 reaches the A642 just to the south of M62 J30 and crosses the A-road via a staggered crossroads. It continues west along Castle Gate. After running for a few hundred yards with only a field separating it from the motorway it drops down and bends to the right to go under the M62 again. Our road then enters Ouzelwell Green where it has to TOTSO left.

Ouzelwell Green moves seamlessly into Lofthouse, where the A61 is crossed. After passing some playing fields the road reaches Lofthouse Interchange, the meeting place of the M62 and M1. Although the B6135 has no connection to either of the motorways here it does weave its way through the junction, passing over the M1 and under the north-facing slip roads before going over the free-flow slip roads. For some reason this section of the B6135 is traffic-calmed.

The road then heads west into Thorpe on the Hill. It reaches a T-junction adjacent to a bridge over the motorway but the road TOTSOs the other way (right) to end soon afterwards on the A654, where that road has to TOTSO.

B6135 (Castleford - Lofthouse)
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