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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Kelso (NT726335)
To:  Flodden (NT930357)
Via:  Town Yetholm
Distance:  17.3 miles (27.8 km)
Meets:  A699, B6350, A698, B6436, B6396, B6401, B6351, A697
Former Number(s):  A698
Highway Authorities

Northumberland  • Scottish Borders

Traditional Counties

Northumberland • Roxburghshire

Route outline (key)
B6352 Kelso - Flodden

The B6352 is a lengthy rural B-road across the English-Scottish border.


Kelso - The Border

The route starts near the centre of Kelso at a triangular junction on the A699 immediately to the south of Kelso Bridge over the River Tweed. This junction is actually a TOTSO for the A699, with priority given between the B6352 and Kelso town centre. The route then curves anticlockwise around Brigend Park, climbing steadily up a wide alignment as it follows the original line of the A698. Towards the top of the hill in enters the suburb of Maxwellheugh and finds a mini-roundabout junction with Jedburgh Road. This was the original starting point of the B6352 as the A698 turned hard right. Today the B6352 continues straight ahead (southeastward) along Station Road to meet the B6350 which comes in from the left at a T junction, and then almost immediately crosses the A698 bypass (built on the route of the old railway line) at a roundabout. The route then runs along the edge of an industrial estate, with fields spreading out on the right.

Before long, the route leaves the town behind and enters open country, continuing southeastward as it climbs gently across reasonably flat land. The B6436 comes in from the right just before an outlying farm and agricultural dealer and a little further along the B6396 forks left by a garage. The gradient then becomes more noticeable as the route climbs over a slight ridge before the terrain becomes more undulating and the road runs between high hedges on either side. The highest point of the route lies at just over 190m at the top of the climb from Blakelaw. The summit itself is cut down into the hilltop in a shallow cutting between high hedges, but there are good views from either side. Looking north, in particular, the Eildon Hills at Melrose are a prominent landmark. The descent is decidedly gentler, and becomes more winding as the route drops into the small valley of the Thirlestane Burn. The burn itself is hidden down to the left amongst the trees, while the fields climb steeply up to the right.

Some tighter bends, hidden in trees, cut across a couple of burns to the north of Yetholm Loch, with the route following the outflow, called The Stank, as it curves around the northern flank of Yetholm Law (a hill). The route soon reaches Town Yetholm, twin village of the more famous Kirk Yetholm, which marks the northern end of the Pennine Way. The road climbs up past a couple of houses and curves round to the right at the northern end of the villages pretty, tree lined High Street. This is not, however, the B6352, but the B6401; as the B6352 TOTSOs left to leave the village almost as quickly as it arrived. Now heading northeastward, it follows the valley of the Bowmont Water downstream, and after a dogleg across The Stank it becomes much straighter. After something over a mile and a half the road enters England, which at this point lies north of the border.

The Border - Flodden

The Bowmont Water meanders back and forth across a wide valley floor, with shapely hills off to the right, while the steep slopes of Bowmont Hill climb up to the left. The route continues down this scenic valley, dropping down close to the river bank before climbing away again into the small settlement of Mindrum. After passing the pretty row of whitewashed cottages it crosses a couple of fields to reach the crossroads at Mindrum Mill, where the B6352 TOTSOs right. The road coming in from the left here is the B6396, which was last met seven miles further west just outside Kelso. It has taken a slightly shorter, more northerly, route and is indeed the signposted through route. The route continues to follow the valley downstream, as it now flows eastwards, with the bends in the road closely mirroring the meanders in the river at times. After passing through a patch of woodland, the river meanders across to the far side of the valley floor, leaving the road on the lower slopes of Wester Hill.

Approaching the A697

After a sharp right hand bend at Thornington, the route follows a short straight to reach a T junction with the B6351, which turns off to the right, while the B6352 almost doubles back on itself. The B6351 crosses the river and continues along the valley whilst the B6352 turns northeast and follows a tributary upstream onto the moors. A windy section climbs up past a scattering of buildings, including an old chapel hidden behind hedges, to reach a summit of 112m above West Flodden. The route then descends gently into the valley of the River Till, crossing a crossroads at West Flodden itself. A series of short straights connected by sharp kinks then leads down through the tiny settlement of Flodden and onto a slightly longer straight across fields. The route ends at a T-junction on the A697, on the near side of the River Till.

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