B66 (Jersey)

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From:  Le Mont Sohier
To:  St Brelade's Church
Distance:  0.9 miles (1.4 km)
Meets:  A13, B45
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Route outline (key)
B66 Link at St Brelade's Bay

The B66 is the road around the back of St Brelade's Bay. This is one of Jersey's more popular tourist destinations, with some big hotels set behind the wide sandy beach. It can therefore be a very busy road in the summer months, with traffic held up by pedestrians on the narrow carriageway.

The route starts at a fork on the A13 towards the eastern end of the St Brelade urban area, and drops quite steeply down Mont Sohier, a narrow hill running between high walls and big houses. As the route levels out, glimpses of the sea can be gained between the houses and hotels, and then opposite a car park a small park provides a better view of the bay. A group of buildings almost set below road level have parking on top, and then the park resumes but this is nearly journey's end. At the west end of the bay, the B66 comes to an end, end-on with the B45 somewhere near St Brelade's Church.

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B66 (Jersey)
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