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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Aberfoyle (NN520010)
To:  Stronachlachar (NN396098)
Distance:  11.2 miles (18 km)
Meets:  A821, unclassified
Old route now:  A821
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties

Perthshire • Stirlingshire

Route outline (key)
B829 Braeval - Aberfoyle
B829 Aberfoyle - Stronachlachar

The B829 is a scenic dead-end B-road in west Stirlingshire which provides a connection to the western end of Loch Katrine.


It starts in Aberfoyle town centre, at a T-junction where the A821 turns sharp right up a hill. To our left is the River Forth, and on the right a row of Victorian villas making the most of the views across the valley. A short section of 20mph traffic calming lies outside the primary school, and then soon after the road becomes NSL, despite the suburban character of the road remaining the same!

At the little village of Milton, Aberfoyle's western end, we reach the east end of Loch Ard, with the road dropping down to the lochside. From here until the end of the route, the road seems to alternate between WS1 (wide single track) and S2 (where the S stands for Squeeze!). The shores of Loch Ard are like this, with a very optimistic centre line showing up here and there.

Bridge on the B829

The small village of Kinlochard at the loch's western end does not have a speed limit, rather surprisingly, although it does have the first real road junction since we left Aberfoyle. Beyond the village, we start climbing up the narrow, forested glen to Loch Chon. The road doesn't get quite as close as it did along the shores of Loch Ard, but it is genuinely single track in places instead.

We are now into the final three miles of the B829, as the elegant mileposts tell us, still climbing through forestry until we suddenly burst out into the sunshine, with the narrow glen opening out ahead. We drop down to find the head of Loch Arklet a reservoir supplying water to Glasgow, and come to the end of our journey at an unlined junction (theoretically a T-junction) with the unclassified road along the lochside.

Glen Arklet Road

The road through Glen Arklet itself is unclassified. It has two arms, the half mile to the right down to the pier on Loch Katrine at Stronachlachar, which is occasionally marked as part of the B829, and the much longer 3 miles to the left to Inversnaid. Again, the road seems to alternate between WS1 and Squeeze2 until it starts the steep drop to Inversnaid Hotel on Loch Lomondside. This is definitely only single-track, and with a large hotel owned by a big coach-touring company at the end you need to keep your eyes open! Neither of these roads connect elsewhere, except by boat or on foot, making the B829 part of one long dead-end.



While the B829 may start in Aberfoyle today, back in 1922 the A821 only ran from Kilmahog to the pier on Loch Katrine. The Dukes Pass road existed but was not classified. As a result the B829 continued through the small town of Aberfoyle to meet the A81 at Braeval.

Loch Chon to Loch Katrine

The 2.5 mile road between the head of Loch Chon and the Loch Lomand to Loch Katrine road had opened by July 1858. It may have opened earlier. The tender notice had been in November 1855. It was built to facilitate the aquaduct works between Loch Katrine and the valley of Duchray Water.

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