B82 (Jersey)

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Location Map
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From:  St Saviour's Road
To:  David Place
Via:  St Marks Rd
Distance:  0.3 miles (0.5 km)
Meets:  A7, B73
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Route outline (key)
B82 St Marks Rd

The B82 follows St Marks Road to the north of St Helier town centre, and is one way throughout. However, in common with a number of routes in the town, it changes direction mid way. It starts on the A7, and heads west as part of the St Helier Ring Road. At the crossroads with Janvrin Road, however, ring road traffic turns north and the B82 becomes one way towards the crossroads. Janvrin Road is also one-way and away from the crossroads in both directions. St Marks Road continues west to meet the B73, David Place outside St Mark's Church.

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B82 (Jersey)
PlacesSt Helier
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