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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Lonmore (NG267464)
To:  Milovaig (NG153505)
Distance:  9.7 miles (15.6 km)
Meets:  A863, Pier
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Route outline (key)
B884 Lonmore - Milovaig
Junction on the B884

The B884 connects the remote settlements of Skye's Duirinish peninsula, winding its way alternately along the coast and then over the hills, to return to the shore once more. It also leads to a surprising number of museums!

Starting on the A863 at Lonmore, at the eastern end of Dunvegan, the road first heads south west past a small industrial estate, before turning sharply right at a T junction where the Orbost road turns off. Curving round the head of Loch Dunvegan, the road then crosses a low promontory before returning to the shore and passing through Colbost, home of the first museum, the Colbost Folk Museum. The road climbs steadily out of the north end of the village, passing two turnings to Totaig. These roads lead onto Borreraig, home of the Piping Museum. A steeper climb then lifts the road to its summit at around 120m, as it squeezes down a narrow valley between two hills. The views out from either end of this pass are quite spectacular, but there are only limited places to stop, and these mostly on the road which alternates from single track to two way and back again.

The road then descends to the villages of Glendale, passing a number of side turnings to the villages which are strung up and down the glen. This area is home to the Skye Toy Museum, and also a Water Mill. The valley floor is covered in fields, with the houses on the lower slopes, and the road winds its way between fields and across the Hamara River, before climbing back into the hills. A long, meandering side road leads off left to Ramasaig, from where a track leads on to the ruined village of Lorgill. Then another left is signed for the Neist Point lighthouse - a drive definitely worth the effort for the amazing views at the end.

The B884 is, however, now on the last stretch, dropping down the hill to the little pier on Loch Pooltiel. This now semi-ruinous pier, littered with old boats and fishing equipment, was once the point of access to the outside world for the Duirinish area, with steamers calling here and so connecting with Portree, Kyle and eventually Glasgow. That is the reason that this pier is the terminus of the B884, despite the absurdity of such a terminus today. As with Neist, however, it does provide a fantastic viewpoint!

The 1922 MOT Road List defines this route as: Dunvegan - Loch Pooltiel

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