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B91 (Jersey)

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From:  La Ville es Nouaux
To:  St Catherines Bay
Distance:  1.4 miles (2.3 km)
Meets:  B38, B62, B29
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Route outline (key)
B91 La Ville es Nouaux - St Catherines Bay

The B91 serves the north east corner of Jersey, and starts on the B38 above Rozel with its pretty harbour. Heading east, it quickly reaches a crossroads where it turns south. The roads to north and east lead to hidden little secrets along the coast which are well worth exploring. The B91 then winds southwards to a magnificent viewpoint of St Catherine's Bay. Beyond this it drops down the hillside, and becomes one way at a junction. The turning doubles back down to St Catherine's harbour, but is one-way uphill, with the B91 being one-way downhill. The junction is a tight turn for traffic wishing to double back up the hill. A short distance later the B91 comes to an end at a crossroads with the B62 and B29.

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B91 (Jersey)
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