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Baker Street Interchange

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Baker Street Interchange
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Baker Street
Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A13, A1089
Junctions related to the A1089
This article is about the junction of the A13 and the A1089 north of Tilbury, Essex.
For the junction of the A41 and A501 in Central London, see Baker Street

Baker Street Interchange is a large trumpet on the A13 in Essex. It marks the eastern end of the trunk section of the A13, with the trunk road heading to Tilbury on the A1089. The Lower Thames Crossing is planned to be integrated into this junction, with the existing full access between A13 and A1089 kept (and mostly unchanged, save for the A1089 to A13 east sliproad), plus full access between the A13 to the east and the crossing. Additional links from (but not to) the A1089 to the LTC in both directions are also part of these plans..


Route To Notes


London, Dartford Crossing (M25) No proposed access to/from LTC.


Basildon, Linford, Brentwood, Southend


Tilbury and Docks, Grays, Globe Industrial Estate, No proposed access from LTC.


(M25, M11), Stansted Airport Access only from A13 westbound, A1089 northbound, LTC northbound. Exit only to A13 eastbound, LTC southbound


Lower Thames Crossing Access only from A13 eastbound, A1089 northbound, LTC southbound. Exit only to A13 eastbound, LTC northbound

Baker Street Interchange
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