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Balloch Roundabout (Cumbernauld)

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Balloch Roundabout
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Highway Authority
North Lanarkshire
Junction Type
Junctions related to the B802

Balloch Roundabout is a 5-arm junction to the west of Cumbernauld. Until recently, this was the route of the B802, however, it appears that North Lanarkshire council are in the process of downgrading the old route through Croy in favour of a 'bypass' route further west. There is still signage along the old route giving the B802 number, however. The B802 approaches from Croy to the north, and swings south west at the junction on its way to Craiglinn Roundabout a short distance to the south. The other three roads, Eastfield Road, Balloch Road and Smithstone Road are all distributor routes through the suburbs, although Eastfield Road is curiously signed as the main route to Stirling, despite it almost certainly being quicker to continue south and join via the B8048 at the Auchenkilns Junction.


The current roundabout was built on the site of a former sharp turn on the B802, which originally headed west across the grass to the south of Smithstone Road, to pick up the residential Craiglinn. As the new town expanded to the north of the motorway, however, the roundabout was built to connect the new distributor roads and the B802 realigned.


Route To Notes


Kilsyth, Croy possibly downgraded


Broadwood, Westfield, Glasgow (M80) possibly downgraded
Smithstone, Blackwood, Craiglinn
Craigmarloch, Westerwood, The Village, Stirling (M80)

Balloch Roundabout (Cumbernauld)

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