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Barholm Roundabout

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Barholm Roundabout
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Barholm Roundabout is the northern of the three planned Grade Separated Junctions at Erskine. It is also the least likely to ever be completed, with the construction of houses in Barholm Drive to the south. This development is on the ground originally reserved for the northbound approach of the A726, and indeed the mainline of the road. To the north, the A726 approaches on the proposed northbound sliproad, meaning that the two arms of the A726 are offset from one another, although at least here the proposed line of the southbound carriageway remains free from development.

Of course, these splayed sliproads can only mean one thing - that the A726 was originally intended to be carried over the roundabout on a flyover. At the time of planning, the A726 was the main route to the Erskine Ferry, however with the coming of the motorway and Erskine Bridge in 1971, the route lost its strategic importance, and so the urgency of upgrading was lost. Even today, the junction is rarely busy enough to warrant any work.

The roundabout now has five exits, the two for the A726 and Barholm Drive as noted above, and Barrhill Road which heads south west into the larger Bargarran Estate. Opposite, to the north east, the road continues to access the Erskine Bridge Hotel, a substantial monolithic structure on the banks of the Clyde, although the growth of trees means that only the upper floors now get views of the bridge. There are also some industrial units and offices, with land available for more similar development.


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Erskine Bridge (A898) Former A740


Glasgow (M8), Airport, Paisley Former A740
North Barr, Bargarran, Shopping Centre
Erskine Bridge Hotel
Barholm Drive

Barholm Roundabout
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