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Barvas Corner

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Barvas Corner
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Highway Authority
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A857, A858
Junctions related to the A858

Barvas Corner is perhaps the most north westerly junction between two A roads in the British Isles. It is the junction between the A857 and A858 towards the southern end of Barvas (Barabhas) village on the Isle of Lewis. The junction is a simple T-junction, with gaelic first signage, and only minimal advance warning of the junction at all. Priority is given to the A857 through the junction. The name comes from the corner on the A857 immediately to the north of the junction, where the route swings from a north west direction to slightly east of north, although it is more of a sweeping bend than a corner, garden walls on the outside of the bend perhaps indicate that it was once somewhat sharper.


It was originally the terminus of three routes, the B896 running north to Port of Ness (Port Nis), the A859 south west to Callanish (Calanis) and the A857 south east as it does now. However, the numbering was revised fairly quickly, certainly before 1932, with the A859 renumbered as the A858, and the A857 extended north to Port of Ness.


Route To Notes


Steornabhagh Stornoway


Port Nis Port of Ness former B896


Gerraidh na h-Aibhne Garynahine former A859

Barvas Corner

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