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Primary Destinations
Bracknell • Maidenhead • Newbury • Reading
Other Important Destinations
Abingdon • Hungerford • Wallingford • Windsor • Wokingham
Current Highway Authorities
Bracknell Forest • Oxfordshire • Reading • West Berkshire • Windsor and Maidenhead • Wokingham
Buckinghamshire • Gloucestershire • Hampshire • Oxfordshire • Surrey • Wiltshire
Highways England Roads
M4 • A34 • A404(M) • A404

Berkshire is a traditional county in southern England. The county council was abolished in 1998 and so the county is now administered by a number of separate authorities. The traditional county town is Abingdon, although the county council always sat in Reading.

Geography & Economy


The county is boot-shaped, with the winding River Thames as its northern boundary, whilst the southern boundary is far straighter. Much of the west of the county is hilly, including the Berkshire Downs, whilst the east is flat and built-up. Berkshire has a strong association with horses, given that it contains Ascot, Newbury and Lambourn. The M4 corridor runs through the county, with the eastern section being particularly well-known for technology companies. The royal residence of Windsor Castle has given rise to the title of the Royal County of Berkshire and also serves as a major tourist attraction.


The A3290 leaving Reading

Berkshire is well-served by its road network, and also by the M3 and M25 which run just outside the county. There are fewer roads in the west, due to the hilly nature of the area. Interestingly, the roads across Windsor Great Park were not deemed to be public roads in 1922 and so were not classified, leading for example to a gap in the A332; the park was classified later in the 1920s.

Non-trunk roads are maintained by Oxfordshire County Council in the north and the Unitary Authority of West Berkshire in the west. The built-up eastern section of the county is shared between Reading, Wokingham, Windsor and Maidenhead and Bracknell Forest. Highways England maintains the M4 across the county and the A34 which runs north-south in the west, as well as the A404(M)/A404, which links the M4 and M40 in the east. Construction of the A34 Newbury Bypass in the 1990s was controversial and saw extensive protests by environmentalists and others opposed to its construction.

Route From To Length
A30 Hounslow Land's End 284 miles View
A30 Hounslow Land's End 284 miles View
A3017 Windsor town centre Windsor Great Park 0.7 miles View
A3018 Crowthorne Finchampstead 1.3 miles View
A3031 Reading Town Centre Three Mile Cross 2.0 miles View
A3032 Hare Hatch Charvil 2.5 miles View
A3034 High Street Maidenhead Station 0.2 miles View
A3045 Reading Bracknell View
A3063 Old Windsor Datchet 1.4 miles View
A3064 King Street High Street 0.2 miles View
A3065 Hare Hatch Sonning 2.6 miles View
A308 Knightsbridge Bisham 35.8 miles View
A308(M) Stud Green Maidenhead 0.6 miles View
A3095 Sandhurst Hawthorn Hill 10.6 miles View
A32 Alton Gosport 29.1 miles View
A321 Henley on Thames Blackwater 17.8 miles View
A322 Guildford Bracknell 16.4 miles View
A327 Farnborough Reading 19.3 miles View
A328 Englefield Green Old Windsor 2.0 miles View
A329 Wentworth Thame 49.9 miles View
A329(M) Winnersh Bracknell 4 miles View
A3290 Winnersh Reading 3.5 miles View
A33 Reading Redbridge, Southampton 52 miles View
A330 Maidenhead Sunningdale 11.8 miles View
A331 Windsor Ditton Park 3.4 miles View
A332 Bagshot Slough 12.5 miles View
A338 Bournemouth Bessels Leigh 90.4 miles View
A339 Newbury Alton 34.7 miles View
A34 Winchester Salford 200 miles View
A340 Basingstoke Pangbourne 18.9 miles View
A343 Lopcombe Corner Newbury 26.7 miles View
A4 London Avonmouth 129.8 miles View
A4(M) Huntercombe Maidenhead Thicket 6 miles View
A4008 Hurley Temple 0.8 miles View
A4014 Marlborough Street Gloucester Street 0.1 miles View
A404 Marylebone, London Maidenhead 43.4 miles View
A404(M) Holyport Burchett's Green 2.3 miles View
A4094 Maidenhead Loudwater 6.9 miles View
A4095 Bicester Faringdon 32.8 miles View
A4130 Burchetts Green Rowstock 29.6 miles View
A4141 South Hinksey Eynsham 7.5 miles View
A4144 Peartree Redbridge 4.9 miles View
A415 Witney Berinsfield 20.5 miles View
A4155 Southcote, Reading Bourne End 20.7 miles View
A417 Streatley Hope under Dinmore 97.5 miles View
A4183 Abingdon Sunningwell 2.2 miles View
A4185 Chilton Rowstock 3.6 miles View
A420 Headington, Oxford Bristol 79.5 miles View
A423 Heyford Hill, Oxford Ryton on Dunsmore 22.8 miles View
A423(M) Maidenhead Thicket M4 Jct 8/9 near Holyport 2.4 miles View
A42 Reading Birmingham 90 miles View
B3016 Colt Hill The Throat 10.8 miles View
B3017 Winkfield Row Bracknell Forest 2.6 miles View
B3018 Bracknell Twyford 7.5 miles View
B3019 Englemere (W) Ascot 1.0 mile View
B3019 Finchampstead Road Wokingham Station 0.4 miles View
B3020 Windlesham Sunninghill 2.3 miles View
B3021 Old Windsor Datchet 3.0 miles View
B3022 Newell Green Slough (S) 9.4 miles View
B3023 Castle Hill Bridge Road 1 mile View
B3024 Windsor Twyford 10.9 miles View
B3025 Dedworth Road Maidenhead Road 0.4 miles View
B3028 Bray Wick Maidenhead 1.8 miles View
B3029 Bracknell Hawthorn Hill 3.3 miles View
B3029 Wokingham Henley 9.7 miles View
B3030 Arborfield Cross Whistley Green 2.4 miles View
B3031 Whitley Wood Christchurch Road, Reading 2.0 miles View
B3031 Christchurch Road Caversham Road 1.8 miles View
B3032 King's Road Bath Road 2.0 miles View
B3034 Woodside Bill Hill, Wokingham 8.4 miles View
B3051 Overton Heath End 10.8 miles View
B3052 Newtown Road Greenham Road 0.3 miles View
B3173 St Leonard's Road Goslar Way 0.61 miles View
B3270 Whitley Wood Winnersh 4.0 miles View
B3345 Reading Lower Caversham 1.27 miles View
B3348 Eversley Crowthorne Wood 5.7 miles View
B3349 Wokingham Alton 27.3 miles View
B3350 Shinfield Road, Reading (S) Shepherd's Hill, Woodley 2.5 miles View
B3350 Shinfield Spencers Wood 1.7 miles View
B3383 Oakley Green Bullock's Hatch 0.29 miles View
B3408 Bracknell Amen Corner 2.2 miles View
B3421 Benham Hill Newbury Town Centre 1.3 miles View
B3430 Martin's Heron Finchampstead 7.3 miles View
B383 Chobham Cranbourne 8.1 miles View
B4000 Highworth Speen 24.6 miles View
B4001 Petwick Chilton Foliat 14.8 miles View
B4007 Harcourt Hill Harwell 11.7 miles View
B4007 Broad Street Caversham Road 0.4 miles View
B4009 Newbury Tring(W) 46.5 miles View
B4016 Blewbury Drayton 9.8 miles View
B4017 Farmoor Steventon 11.7 miles View
B4018 Bath Street Abingdon Station 0.1 miles View
B4019 Faringdon Broad Blunsdon 6.2 miles View
B4044 Eynsham Botley 4.2 miles View
B4192 Hungerford Swindon 12.8 miles View
B4446 Bath Road Charvil Lane 0.9 miles View
B4447 Maidenhead Cookham 3.3 miles View
B4493 Harwell Didcot 3.1 miles View
B4494 Newbury Wantage 13.9 miles View
B4495 Summertown New Hinksey 7.1 miles View
B4507 Wantage Ashbury 9.2 miles View
B4508 Kingston Bagpuize(W) Sevenhampton(E) 11.4 miles View
B4640 Burghclere Newtown 2.1 miles View
B4650 Cirencester Faringdon 18.3 miles View
B470 Cowley Windsor 8.0 miles View
B471 Pangbourne Woodcote 4.2 miles View
B477 Hare Hatch Wargrave 1.1 miles View
B478 Charvil Hatch 1.9 miles View
C200 Reading College Earley 1.6 miles View
C201 Queens Road The Mount 0.9 miles View
C202 Erleigh Road Addington Road 0.3 miles View
C203 Kendrick School Christ Church Reading 0.5 miles View
C204 Shinfield Road borough boundary 0.4 miles View
C205 Royal Berkshire Hospital Erleigh Road 0.5 miles View
C206 Reading School Whiteknights Road 0.5 miles View
C300 n of Whitley Whitley Wood 1.8 miles View
C301 Brunel Retail Park Leighton Park 1.5 miles View
C302 Whitley The Cowsey 0.7 miles View
C303 Whitley Wood Shinfield Road 1.1 miles View
C304 Worton Grange Industrial Estate Whitley Wood 1.0 mile View
C3601 Hungerford Combe 5.2 miles View
C3603 Hungerford Kintbury 4.2 miles View
C3604 Hungerford Port Down 0.9 miles View
C3605 Kintbury Inkpen 3.0 miles View
C3608 Kintbury Tinkers Corner 1.2 miles View
C3610 Tinkers Corner Walbury Hill 2.9 miles View
C3612 Inkpen Spray Copse 0.7 miles View
C3613 West Woodhay Trapshill 1.7 miles View
C3614 Holt Lodge Holtwood 2.1 miles View
C3615 Marsh Benham Ash Tree Corner 2.4 miles View
C3616 Wickham Welford 1.3 miles View
C3621 Portdown Denford Manor 0.4 miles View
C3701 Great Shefford Lambourn 4.6 miles View
C3702 Speen Great Shefford 7.0 miles View
C3705 Boxford Trindledown 4.9 miles View
C3706 Trindledown Farnborough 1.9 miles View
C3707 Lambourn Woodlands Baydon 2.0 miles View
C3710 Lambourn Lodge Down 2.0 miles View
C400 Coley Tilehurst 3.2 miles View
C401 Caversham Bridge Tilehurst 3.0 miles View
C402 Tilehurst Station borough boundary n of Calcot 1.7 miles View
C403 Southcote Oxford Road 1.8 miles View
C404 The Meadway Grovelands Road 0.5 miles View
C405 The Meadway Holybrook Farm (borough boundary) 1.3 miles View
C406 Bath Road Burghfield Road 1.3 miles View
C407 Tilehurst Station Tilehurst 1.7 miles View
C408 Tilehurst Road Cow Lane 0.5 miles View
C409 Tilehurst Overdown Road 0.6 miles View
C410 Tilehurst Road Oxford Road 0.2 miles View
C411 Berkley Avenue Coley 0.5 miles View
C4601 Newbury Tinkers Common 5.1 miles View
C4602 Falkland Memorial Wash Common 0.4 miles View
C4603 Wash Water Woolton Hill 1.1 miles View
C4605 Newbury College Falkland Memorial 0.8 miles View
C4606 St Johns Roundabout Newbury College 0.7 miles View
C4607 Raceview Business Centre Stroud Green 0.5 miles View
C4608 Newbury College Crookham Common 3.7 miles View
C4610 Shaw Benham Hill 0.9 miles View
C4611 Shaw Donnington 0.8 miles View
C4612 Chieveley Donnington 2.7 miles View
C4614 St Johns Roundabout Speenhamland School 1.2 miles View
C4615 Benham Hill Thatcham 1.2 miles View
C4617 Ham Bridge Benham Hill 0.2 miles View
C4620 Queens Road Roundabout Greenham 1.0 mile View
C4623 Holtwood River Enbourne 0.2 miles View
C4701 Boxford Winterbourne 2.9 miles View
C4705 Leckhampstead Peasemore 1.4 miles View
C4706 Winterbourne Hermitage 3.5 miles View
C4707 Chieveley Beedon 3.0 miles View
C4708 Peasemore Beedon 2.9 miles View
C4709 Arlington Grange Longlane 2.1 miles View
C4712 Leckhampstead Rowbury Farm 1.2 miles View
C4713 Halfway Boxford 2.3 miles View
C4714 Furze Hill Scotch Wood 0.7 miles View
C4715 Hill Green Worlds End 2.3 miles View
C4716 Worlds End Hollingsworth 2.6 miles View
C4718 Snelsmore Common Arlington Grange 0.6 miles View
C4801 Farnborough East Ilsley 5.2 miles View
C4803 East Ilsley Aldworth 4.4 miles View
C4805 Bury Down West Ilsley 1.4 miles View
C4806 East Ilsley Stanmore 1.9 miles View
C500 Broad Street Reading IDR 0.3 miles View
C501 Oracle Centre Castle Hill Roundabout 0.3 miles View
C502 Broad Street Bedford Road 0.3 miles View
C503 Broad Street Central Point 1.1 miles View
C504 Greyfriars Church Pinnacle 0.2 miles View
C5601 Siege Cross Farm Beenham Hill 2.3 miles View
C5602 Thatcham Henwick 0.7 miles View
C5603 Turnfields Park Lower Way Playing Fields 0.8 miles View
C5604 Thatcham town centre Thatcham station 1.1 miles View
C5607 Siege Cross Farm Brimpton Common 4.3 miles View
C5608 Brimpton Common Inhurst 0.4 miles View
C5609 Midgham Brimpton 1.4 miles View
C5610 Crookham Park Head's Hill 1.5 miles View
C5613 Chapel Row Upper Woolhampton 1.3 miles View
C5614 Bucklebury Common Lower Padworth 2.6 miles View
C5615 Thatcham Upper Bucklebury 1.4 miles View
C5617 Upper Woolhampton Broom Hill 1.0 mile View
C5618 Broom Hill Aldermaston Bridge 0.5 miles View
C5619 Woolhampton Brimpton Common 2.5 miles View
C5620 Aldermaston Shalford Bridge 1.4 miles View
C5621 Aldermaston Aldermaston Soke 2.2 miles View
C5622 Brimpton Shalford Bridge 0.7 miles View
C5625 Paices Hill Wasing Wood 0.5 miles View
C5701 Hampstead Norreys Compton 2.5 miles View
C5703 Bradfield Haw Farm 4.4 miles View
C5704 Ashampstead Common Hampstead Norreys 4.1 miles View
C5705 Pangbourne Broom Wood 3.8 miles View
C5706 Hermitage Frilsham Manor 4.7 miles View
C5707 Thatcham Longlane 3.1 miles View
C5708 Bradfield Cold Ash 7.4 miles View
C5709 Chapel Row Bucklebury 1.2 miles View
C5710 Southend Travellers Rest Farm 0.5 miles View
C5711 Bradfield Travellers Rest Farm 2.9 miles View
C5713 Upper Basildon Ashampstead Common 1.0 mile View
C5715 Everington House Everington Farm 0.5 miles View
C5716 Hampstead Norreys Five Ways 0.3 miles View
C5717 Bowden Green Ashampstead Common 2.1 miles View
C5719 Broom Wood Aldworth 2.1 miles View
C5720 Upper Basildon Lower Basildon 1.7 miles View
C5721 Tidmarsh Upper Basildon 2.7 miles View
C5722 Leyfields Wood Four Points 2.3 miles View
C5724 Manstone Farm Road Chapel Lane 0.06 miles View
C5725 Burnt Hill Stanford Dingley 1.8 miles View
C5730 Downe House School Hermitage 0.9 miles View
C5731 Hermitage Bucklebury 3.6 miles View
C5732 Wellhouse Frilsham 2.1 miles View
C5733 Upper Bucklebury Bucklebury 1.5 miles View
C5734 Everington House Hawkridge House 0.9 miles View
C6601 Holybrook Farm Tadley 8.3 miles View
C6602 Spring Inn Burghfield Common 2.8 miles View
C6603 Burghfield Common Wokefield Common 0.3 miles View
C6604 Burghfield Common Grazeley 2.9 miles View
C6605 Burghfield Common Grazeley 4.5 miles View
C6606 Mortimer Mortimer West End 0.8 miles View
C6607 Stratfield Mortimer Brook Farm 2.7 miles View
C6610 Aldermaston Wharf Padworth Common 2.3 miles View
C6611 Tadley Rugby Club Mortimer West End Chapel 0.3 miles View
C6612 Wokefield Common Mortimer Common 1.2 miles View
C6613 Mortimer Grazeley Green 1.9 miles View
C6614 Mortimer Station Butler's Lands 1.0 mile View
C6615 Beech Hill Fair Cross 0.7 miles View
C6618 Hosehill Lake Burghfield 1.4 miles View
C6619 Theale Road Reading Road 0.1 miles View
C6620 Burghfield Grazeley Green 1.0 mile View
C6701 Bradfield War Memorial Chalkpit Farm 2.8 miles View
C6702 Theale Cement Depot Arlington Business Park 1.1 miles View
C6703 Theale Hosehill Lake 1.3 miles View
C6709 Tilehurst Calcot 0.7 miles View
C6710 Tilehurst Tilehurst 1.4 miles View
C6711 Tilehurst Purley on Thames 1.3 miles View
C6712 north Tilehurst west Tilehurst 0.7 miles View
C6713 Denefield School Purley on Thames 0.5 miles View
C6715 Pangbourne Bradfield 2.7 miles View
C6716 Bradfield Theale 2.4 miles View
C6717 Tidmarsh Little Heath 1.9 miles View
C6718 Theale Station Arlington Business Park 0.7 miles View
C7722 Frogmore Cox Green 2.1 miles View
C7801 Cockpole Green Knowl Hill 2.3 miles View
C8702 Waltham St Lawrence Milley Bridge 1.3 miles View
C8706 Haines Hill Orchard Lea 7.5 miles View
C8711 Cox Green Interchange Vanwall Business Park 0.4 miles View
C8730 Littlefield Green Furze Ground 1.2 miles View
C8732 Shurlock Row Waltham St Laurence 1.5 miles View
C8733 White Waltham Maidenhead Thicket 2.8 miles View
C8741 Littlefield Green White Waltham 0.4 miles View
C8742 Holyport Gad Bridge 0.8 miles View
C8743 Holyport Bray Wick 0.8 miles View
C8750 Maidenhead Station Woodlands Park 2.3 miles View
C8752 Cox Green School Ockwells Manor 0.8 miles View
C8753 Highfield Lane Cox Green Road 0.4 miles View
C8754 Oldfield Bray 1.3 miles View
C8760 Fifield New Lodge Farm 0.7 miles View
C8763 Spital Dedworth 0.8 miles View
C8765 Alexandra Gardens Clewer Village 1.0 mile View
C8766 Victoria Barracks Clewer New Town 0.8 miles View
C8770 Alexandra Gardens Clewer Within 0.4 miles View
C8801 Carpenter's Wood Frogmore Farm 1.4 miles View
C8802 Hurley Bisham 0.8 miles View
C8803 Hurley Bottom Hurley Lock 0.6 miles View
C8804 Bisham Marlow 1.0 mile View
C8805 Marlow Cookham Dean 1.2 miles View
C8806 Carpenter's Wood Maidenhead Thicket 1.1 miles View
C8811 Cricket Club The Crown 0.4 miles View
C8812 All Saints Church The Crown 0.5 miles View
C8813 Castle Hill All Saints Church 0.3 miles View
C8814 Castle Hill Vanwall Business Park 1.0 mile View
C8815 Maidenhead Station Castle Hill 0.5 miles View
C8817 Forelease Road Maidenhead Station 0.3 miles View
C8820 Maidenhead town centre The Moor 0.4 miles View
C8821 Fishery Maidenhead Court 0.5 miles View
C8822 Maidenhead Thicket Pinkney Green 0.8 miles View
C8823 Castle Hill Pinkeys Green 1.6 miles View
C8825 Boyne Hill All Saints Cemetery 0.4 miles View
C8826 Boyne Hill Furze Platt 1.7 miles View
C8832 Pinkeys Green Cookham Moor 4.2 miles View
C8833 Cookham Dean Cookham Rise 1.5 miles View
C8834 Butlers Gate Hillgrove Wood 1.8 miles View
C8835 Furze Platt Cookham Rise 1.0 mile View
C9602 South Ascot Earlywood 0.7 miles View
C9610 Virginia Water Lodge Blacknest 0.9 miles View
C9611 Sunningdale Shrubs Hill 0.7 miles View
C9612 Sunninghill Broomhall 1.0 mile View
C9613 Ascot Fireball Hill 0.6 miles View
C9615 Ascot Cheapside 1.1 miles View
C9616 Penslade Bottom Cheapside 0.3 miles View
C9617 Blacknest Sunningdale 0.6 miles View
C9701 Clewer New Town Clewer Green 0.5 miles View
C9710 Datchet Langley 1.3 miles View
E05 Greenock Southampton 454 miles View
E105 London Fishguard 253 miles View
E1 London Southampton 66.6 miles View
E30 Cork Felixstowe 541.2 miles View
Ermin Street Silchester Gloucester View
Hatfield - Reading Turnpike Hatfield Reading View
Icknield Way Salisbury(?) Hunstanton(?) View
The Longest Lane Hyde Park Corner, Westminster St George's Circus, Southwark 297.8 miles View
M31 Reading Wisley 22 miles View
M4 Chiswick, Middlesex Pont Abraham, Carmarthenshire 191.9 miles View
23 Reading Sandown View
NCN4 Greenwich Fishguard View
Oxford Ring Road Oxford 15.6 miles View
POLO Channel Tunnel Harwich View
T13 Winchester Preston View
T38 Basingstoke Newbury View
T42 West of Maidenhead Oxford View
T9 London Bristol View 


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Berkshire) • C5607 (West Berkshire) • C5608 (West Berkshire) • C5609 (West Berkshire) • C5610 (West Berkshire) • C5613 (West Berkshire) • C5614 (West Berkshire) • C5615 (West Berkshire) • C5617 (West Berkshire) • C5618 (West Berkshire) • C5619 (West Berkshire) • C5620 (West Berkshire) • C5621 (West Berkshire) • C5622 (West Berkshire) • C5625 (West Berkshire) • C5701 (West Berkshire) • C5703 (West Berkshire) • C5704 (West Berkshire) • C5705 (West Berkshire) • C5706 (West Berkshire) • C5707 (West Berkshire) • C5708 (West Berkshire) • C5709 (West Berkshire) • C5710 (West Berkshire) • C5711 (West Berkshire) • C5713 (West Berkshire) • C5715 (West Berkshire) • C5716 (West Berkshire) • C5717 (West Berkshire) • C5719 (West Berkshire) • C5720 (West Berkshire) • C5721 (West Berkshire) • C5722 (West Berkshire) • C5724 (West Berkshire) • C5725 (West Berkshire) • C5730 (West Berkshire) • C5731 (West Berkshire) • C5732 (West Berkshire) • C5733 (West Berkshire) • C5734 (West Berkshire) • C6601 (West Berkshire) • C6602 (West Berkshire) • C6603 (West Berkshire) • C6604 (West Berkshire) • C6605 (West Berkshire) • C6606 (West Berkshire) • C6607 (West Berkshire) • C6610 (West Berkshire) • C6611 (West Berkshire) • C6612 (West Berkshire) • C6613 (West Berkshire) • C6614 (West Berkshire) • C6615 (West Berkshire) • C6618 (West Berkshire) • C6619 (West Berkshire) • C6620 (West Berkshire) • C6701 (West Berkshire) • C6702 (West Berkshire) • C6703 (West Berkshire) • C6709 (West Berkshire) • C6710 (West Berkshire) • C6711 (West Berkshire) • C6712 (West Berkshire) • C6713 (West Berkshire) • C6715 (West Berkshire) • C6716 (West Berkshire) • C6717 (West Berkshire) • C6718 (West Berkshire) • C7722 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C7801 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8702 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8706 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8711 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8730 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8732 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8733 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8741 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8742 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8743 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8750 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8752 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8753 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8754 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8760 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8763 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8765 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8766 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8770 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8801 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8802 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8803 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8804 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8805 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8806 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8811 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8812 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8813 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8814 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8815 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8817 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8820 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8821 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8822 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8823 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8825 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8826 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8832 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8833 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8834 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C8835 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9602 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9610 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9611 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9612 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9613 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9615 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9616 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9617 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9701 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • C9710 (Windsor and Maidenhead) • E05 • E105 (London - Fishguard) • E1 (Old System) • E30 • Ermin Street • Hatfield - Reading Turnpike • Icknield Way • Longest Lane • M31 • M4 • NCN23 • NCN4 • Oxford Ring Road • POLO • T13 (Britain) • T38 (Britain) • T42 (Britain) • T9 (Britain)
PlacesAbingdon • Ascot • Bracknell • Hungerford • Maidenhead • Newbury • Reading • Wallingford • Wokingham
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