Blackhorse Bridge

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Blackhorse Bridge
Location Map ( geo)
Roundabout on Stanley Hill, Amersham (C) David Howard - Geograph - 2633061.jpg
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Amersham Common
Highway Authority
Junction Type
Double mini roundabout bisected by railway bridge
Roads Joined
A404, A4154
Junctions related to the A4154
Boot and Slipper Roundabout • Sycamore Corner

Blackhorse Bridge is a junction in Amersham. It is named after the bridge (which has a 14'6 height limit) that bisects it, which in turn is named after the inn that was on this corner before the railway came and demolished it.


Route To Notes


Little Chalfont 1, Rickmansworth 7, Watford 10


Amersham Old Town 1, Wycombe 9


Amersham on the Hill, Chesham Bois 1 1/4, Chesham 3 (A416)
Raans Road


Amersham on the Hill, Chesham Bois 1 1/4, Chesham 3 (A416) spur


Amersham Station, Chesham Bois 1 1/4, Chesham 3 (A416)

Blackhorse Bridge
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Blackhorse Bridge (C) Simon Hollett - Geograph - 3916989.jpgRoundabout on Stanley Hill, Amersham (C) David Howard - Geograph - 2633061.jpgStanley Hill at the junction of Woodside... (C) David Howard - Geograph - 2633068.jpg
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