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Bredbury Interchange

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Bredbury Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
The M60 at Bredbury
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Bredbury, Stockport
Highway Authority
National Highways
Junction Type
Modified Roundabout Interchange
Roads Joined
M60, A560, A6017
Junctions related to the A560
Junctions related to the A6017

Bredbury Interchange, formerly known as Brinnington Interchange, is junction 25 of the M60 and was junction 15 of the M63 and junction 12 of the M66. It opened in 1989.


The earliest known proposal for a major road in the area was the Outer Ring Road, later allocated the M68 number, from the 1945 plan for Manchester although details of the junction are not shown. The 1962 SELNEC plan adds the M63 but again no junction layout is known. The line of the M68 has been protected from development ever since.

First stage of construction

In 1972 draft orders were made to construct the M63. The junction would be formed of a half diamond at the A6017 with provision for the rest of the junction to be completed later. It was hoped construction would start in 1974 and be complete in 1976.

The M68 proposal south of Bredbury was replaced by the A6(M) in 1973 when the earlier A6(M) scheme to the west of Stockport was abandoned. The planned M68 north of Bredbury changed number to M66. The junction layout remained the same apart from the removal of the freeflow links between south and east.

Preferred layout from 1976 to mid 1980s

In 1976 a consultation took place with several different designs for the junction including two to the west of Brinnington. The protected line for the M66 and A6(M) had always been to the east of Brinnington but a route to the west was evaluated and considered. Two designs along this new corridor were produced and were known as layouts Y and Z. These were rejected in February 1977 due to the impact on the nearby rivers. The route selected was that which followed the earlier protected line. By now the M63 running to the east of the junction has been withdrawn and this enabled the design to be simplified to the layout very similar to what was built. However there were still a possibility of constructing the M63 east to a lower standard as an all purpose road in the future so the junction design allows this connection to be made at the main roundabout.

The final changes to the proposals came in the mid 1980s when the westbound entry slip was replaced with Crookilley Way and an additional junction at Bredbury Scissors. The short distance between Bredbury and Portwood Roundabout had the potential to encourage weaving which Crookilley Way avoids. The other change was the addition of north facing slips instead of a junction at Castle Hill.


Route To Notes


Ring Road (E & N), Ashton-u-Lyne, Manchester, Sheffield (M67), Bury (M66), Leeds (M62)


Stockport (E & centre) (A560), Ring Road (S & W), Manchester Airport (M56), Liverpool (M62) accessed from M60 only, or via A560 and M60 J26


Stockport town centre, Ring Road (S & W) (M60), Manchester Airport (M56)






Buxton (A6), Macclesfield (A523), Marple (A626), Hazel Grove


Stockport (E & Centre) (A560), Manchester Airport (M56), Liverpool (M62) accessed from M66 only


Manchester (A57), Sheffield (M67)


Hyde, Woodley


Buxton, Manchester Airport (A555), Macclesfield (A523)

Bredbury Interchange
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