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Bridge of Earn

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Bridge of Earn
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From:  Bridge of Earn
To:  Perth
Bridge of Earn
Highway Authority
Perth and Kinross
Opening Date
1329, 1819, 1935
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This article is about the historic Bridge of Earn on the A912.
For the modern bridge carrying the M90, see Bridge of Earn (M90)

The Bridge of Earn

The eponymous Bridge of Earn lies at the north end of the village of Bridge of Earn, carrying the A912 on to Perth. The bridge standing today was originally built to a design by John Rennie in 1819 and comprises 3 wide, shallow stone arches, each 75ft (22.5m) wide. After over a century of service, it was decided to widen the bridge, which was by then carrying the main A90 Edinburgh to Perth road. This widening took the form of extensions to either side. Constructed of reinforced concrete, and barely any wider that a pavement, the extensions form arches above the voussoirs of the original bridge, which are therefore still visible as an inner arch. The concrete has also been dressed to give the impression of voussoir rings around the arches, supported by pilasters on the piers. The effect has been criticised by some, but forms an interesting, and 'honest' solution which is rarely seen.


Whilst there is hardly any surviving evidence, the predecessor to the current bridge stood to the south east of the present site. Overhead photography reveals the vague shadow of a roadway continuing down the east bank of the river, from the junction at the north end of the bridge. This seems to line up with the north end of Back Street in the village, which is indeed the site of the old bridge. The first definite mention of a bridge here is in 1329 when materials were granted towards its construction. Regular mentions continue in records until 1592 when it is described as ruinous. Whether it was repaired or replaced is no longer certain, but there was still a bridge standing and in use 20 years later.

In around 1760 a sixth arch was added at the northern end, presumably to alleviate flooding issues. There is still some evidence of this new arch to be found in the undergrowth on the northern bank of the river. However, to the south where 2 arches remained standing until they were demolished in 1976, nothing is to be seen.

Bridge of Earn
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