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C106 (Shetland)

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From:  Harbour Street (HU474415)
To:  Rough Road (HU466395)
Distance:  2 miles (3.2 km)
Meets:  B9072, C105, A969, A969, A970
Highway Authorities

Shetland Islands

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C106 Streets in Lerwick
This article is about the Class III road numbered C106 maintained by Shetland Islands Council.
For other roads numbered C106, see C106

The C106 comprises a number of tangled and disconnected streets in Lerwick. There seems little logic in the way the numbers have been allocated, making it difficult to identify and describe the routes.

Starting in Lerwick's town centre, the C106-010 follows Commercial Street, which runs parallel to the A969 and is the main shopping street. The route starts at a TOTSO with the B9072 and heads south, the northern end being two-way past a series of parking bays. However, when the shops are reached, the route becomes one-way northbound. As the route turns east, there is a crossroads at Market Cross, this short route being a spur, the C106-015 through to the A969 on the shore. The mainline continues east to meet the C105, Queeens Lane, from which point it is not particularly clear if Commercial Street is the C105, C106 or both, to reach the A969.

The next section of the C106 is found further along Commercial Street. For some inexplicable reason, the section from the A969 to Stout's Court is a disconnected part of the C105. The C106 then resumes beyond Stout's Lane, where the street name changes to Twageos Road. This is the C106-020, which is initially one-way east-bound, and changes to the C106-030 as it turns right onto Gressy Loan. Rounding the High School, the route turns right again to become the C106-050 as it heads north along Knab Road to meet the A969 once more.

The longest section of the C106 is the C106-160, which follows Sea Road. This starts at the A969 / A970 Roundabout to the west of Lerwick's town centre and heads south along the west shore of Brei Wick. The stated end point is the junction with Rough Road, and whilst this isn't marked on maps, it appears to be shortly after the route turns away from the coast.

C106 (Shetland)
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