C118 (Jersey)

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From:  Millbrook
To:  Le Couvent
Via:  Waterworks Valley
Distance:  2.5 miles (4 km)
Meets:  A1, C119, B27
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Route outline (key)
C118 Millbrook - Le Couvent
This article is about the C118 in Jersey.
For other roads numbered C118, see C118

The C118 is possibly the longest C road on Jersey, and also the most unexpected. It starts on the A1 in the western suburbs of St Helier, and very quickly leaves the houses behind as it winds into trees. The name 'Waterworks Valley' should give a hint as to what lies ahead, but even so this steep wooded valley is a sharp contrast to so much of the rest of the island. The road winds through the valley, and passes two grassy dams which help supply the islands water. The reservoirs are not large, but it does help with the impression of being deep in the wild countryside, rather than a mile or two from St Helier!

At the top end of the second reservoir, the road appears to cut across the water, with a small pool to the north of the road. Soon after, the road forks right, with the C119 turning left. Neither route reaches the third reservoir, which is hidden within the green lanes to the north. Instead, the C118 quickly reaches its end on the B27.

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C118 (Jersey)
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