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C11 (Medway)

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From:  Upper Upnor (TQ757705)
To:  Lower Upnor (TQ761713)
Distance:  1.2 miles (1.9 km)
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This article is about the Class III road numbered C11 maintained by Medway Council.
For roads that are numbered C11, see C11

The C11 as High Street, in Upper Upnor


The C11 starts outside the Tudor Upnor Castle on the cobbled High Street of Upper Upnor. Fantastic views across the Medway can be had from the bench located here. The C11 however heads west turning right along Upchat Road. The road continues north for a short distances, before the C11 performs a TOTSO to the west, although the quickest way to Lower Upnor is to continue straight. Continuing along the Upnor Road the C11 a small, free, public car park, used for visitors to the village (as parking is almost non existent). The road continues through trees before a triangle junction is met. The C11 turns north here, although the route to the A289 branches off to the south. Continuing along the Upnor Road, the C11 passes a church before crossing over the aforementioned Upchat Road. Continuing into Lower Upnor village, we pass a marina on the right as the road now follows the river. After a short distance, the road dog-legs, before becoming Albion Place and ending at another public car park.


List of roads in Medway, with classification

C11 (Medway)
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