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C1 (Renfrewshire)

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From:  Glasgow Airport (NS477659)
To:  Inchinnan Road, Paisley (NS482658)
Distance:  0.4 miles (0.6 km)
Meets:  M8, A726, A737, C2, C2, C7
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Route outline (key)
C1 Sanderling Rd (Glasgow Airport)
This article is about the Class III road numbered C1 maintained by Renfrewshire Council.
For other roads numbered C1, see C1

The C1 follows Sanderling Road on the south side of the M8 on the northern edge of Paisley, providing a link to Glasgow Airport from the C7, Inchinnan Road. Junction 28 on the M8 provides access to the eastbound M8 and an exit from the westbound M8 with sliproads joining the motorway to either side of a "longabout" style roundabout pair running underneath the motorway (albeit the southern roundabout being a complete roundabout itself). A long slipway from the southern roundabout provides access to Junction 29, St James Interchange and with it a wider range of routes in the area.

C1 (Renfrewshire)
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