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C25 (Angus)

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From:  Prosen Bridge (NO393585)
To:  Lintrathen (NO265540)
Distance:  11.1 miles (17.9 km)
Meets:  B955, B951, C24
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Route outline (key)
C25 Prosen Bridge - Lintrathen
This article is about the Class III road numbered C25 maintained by Angus Council.
For other roads numbered C25, see C25

The C25 is a long and meandering route which starts at Prosen Bridge on the B955 and heads westwards through the Braes of Angus and a hidden glen, before turning southwards to the Loch of Lintrathen.

The first section of the route heads west along a ridge between the Prosen Water to the north, and the Quharity Burn to the south. It reaches the C27 and crosses it at a wooded glade near Pearsie, and then continues west, crossing the Quharity twice.

The winding and undulating road heading westwards on the ridge between the Prosen and Quharity Waters, with the mountain of Catlaw in the distance.

Now on the north side of the burn again, it follows it west into a narrow glen, with the bulk of the rounded mountain of Catlaw to the north, and Mile Hill to the south. The glen becomes less constrained after passing the lone settlement of Auldallan, and the road then climbs up to the Knowehead of Auldallan and past the gateway of Balintore Castle. The partly ruined castle is passed on the right and the road then drops to a hairpin bend where it now begins a southern orientation. After a twisty route south and crossing the Quharity Burn for the final time, the road leaves the higher hills and crosses the B951 near Pitmudie.

The final section of the route mostly follows the western edge of the Loch of Lintrathen and is nearly wooded all the way, before ending on the C24 just east of Peel Farm.

C25 (Angus)
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