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C26 (North Ayrshire)

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Location Map ( geo)
South Kilruskin Farm Bridge - Geograph - 3564322.jpg
The Ayrshire Line railway bridge over the C26 near South Kilruskin Farm
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From:  Kilruskin (NS201508)
To:  West Kilbride
Via:  Kilruskin Road
Distance:  2 miles (3.2 km)
Meets:  A78, B781
Highway Authorities

North Ayrshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C26 Link at West Kilbride
This article is about the Class III road numbered C26 maintained by North Ayrshire Council.
For other roads numbered C26, see C26
The grass triangle where the C26 meets the B781 at West Kilbride

The C26 road is around 1.3 miles long and heads south along Kilruskin Road from the junction of A78 at Kilruskin Toll.

Just after leaving the main road it passes under two railway bridges in quick succession. The first is a square, concrete bridge which carries the mineral line from Hunterston Ore terminal. The second is a much older and more traditional red sandstone arched bridge which carries the single track Ayrshire line. The mineral line joins the Ayrshire Line about 200 yards to the south of these bridges.

A gated road on the left immediately after the second bridge leads to the sidings at the former coal loading tower which was related to the ore terminal and mineral line. The road then bends sharply to the south at North Kilruskin Farm and then soon passes South Kilruskin Farm before passing back underneath the Ayrshire Line railway on a S bend.

Continuing south past Bushglen Farm, shortly after which it passes under the multiple power lines from the nuclear power station at Hunterston. Skirting the steeply sloped east side of 104m Drummilling Hill, the road then ends at an ornamental grass triangle at the B781 Dalry Road on the outskirts of the village of West Kilbride.

C26 (North Ayrshire)
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