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C41 (North Ayrshire)

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Location Map ( geo)
C47 North Ayrshire boundary - Geograph - 1419162.jpg
The north end of the road where it becomes C47 (Inverclyde) at Rottenburn Bridge
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From:  Largs (NS201596)
To:  Rottenburn Bridge (NS248689)
Via:  Brisbane Glen Road
Distance:  6.7 miles (10.8 km)
Meets:  A78, C47 (Inverclyde)
Highway Authorities

North Ayrshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C41 Largs - Rottenburn Bridge
This article is about the Class III road numbered C41 by North Ayrshire Council.
For roads that are numbered C41, see C41

The C41 starts on the A78 in Largs and follows Nelson Street east, before turning north onto Brisbane Road. A right turn leads onto Brisbane Glen Road, as the route starts to climb out of the town. It follows the Noddsdale Water up Brisbane Glen, before crossing the watershed and dropping a little to the council boundary at Rottenburn Bridge. The road itself continues down into Greenock.


Central Largs

The start of the C41 at Nardini's Cafe in central largs
Nelson street is a fairly busy street in the centre of Largs

The route begins at the self proclaimed 'World Famous' Nardini's ice cream parlour and restaurant at the junction of Nelson Street and the A78. It heads east for around 150m on the busy Nelson Street where tourists and locals jostle for free parking spaces in what is not quite the centre of the town, but is a busy shopping street nonetheless.

It then turns left onto Brisbane Road, which is another fairly busy stretch with shops and other commercial promises giving way to residential buildings as it heads north towards Brisbane Glen Road and the north Largs suburbs.

The town's fire station is also located on this road.

Largs Suburbs

Warning signs, including an advisory 30mph speed limit for motor vehicles, as the C41 narrows near the Largs boundary

Leaving the town centre behind, the route turns right off Brisbane Road onto Brisbane Glen Road and the north Largs suburbs. At this point, a left turn on Douglas Street provides a route back to the A78 and the seafront.

Passing between housing estates and the town's second cemetery, the route approaches Brisbane Glen where it narrows considerably to become single track with an advisory speed limit for motor vehicles of 30mph all the way to the end of the road at Rottenburn Bridge.

Brisbane Glen

Part of the scenic Brisbane Glen stretch of the road at Outerwards Bridge

The road in the lower part of the glen rises gently between country estates and green pastures where sheep and cattle graze. Approaching South Whitlieburn farm and caravan & camping site, the hills each side of the road rise to over 200m on the west side and over 400m on the east. At this point the road narrows again and begins to steepen as it climbs up the east side of the glen, high above Noddsdale Water.

There are several cattle grids in the glen and beyond, all the way to the end of the road, one of which marks the transition from green pasture to moorland north of Castle Hill.

The road dips briefly at Outerwards Reservoir, crossing Noddsdale Water on a stone arched bridge before climbing again, this time on the west side of the glen. The highest point of the road (279m) is reached shortly after crossing another cattle grid and a mobile phone mast.

Noddsdale Water has been left behind and North Rottenburn now runs parallel to the twisting road as it drops down the hill to its end at Rottenburn Bridge where it crosses into Inverclyde and becomes the C47 (Inverclyde).

C41 (North Ayrshire)
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