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C447 (Perth and Kinross)

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From:  Pitnacree Bridge (NN927533)
To:  Weem, Aberfeldy (NN847497)
Via:  Strathtay
Distance:  6.5 miles (10.5 km)
Meets:  A827, B846
Former Number(s):  A827
Highway Authorities

Perth and Kinross

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C447 Pitnacree - Aberfeldy
This article is about the Class III road numbered C447 maintained by Perth and Kinross Council.
For other roads numbered C447, see C447

The C447 is a lengthy route, following the north bank of the River Tay from Pitnacree to Weem near Aberfeldy. The eastern end is the former line of the A827, prior to the construction of the Pitnacree Bridge, and diversion of the main road to the south side of the river. The route is therefore more or less S2 from Pitnacree to Grandtully, and then becomes a little narrower in places. However, with no passing places the road is wide enough for two cars to pass, but a little tricky with larger vehicles.

Starting at a T junction with the A827 on the north side of Pitnacree Bridge, the C447 heads west, through the small settlement of Pitnacree and on towards Grandtully. The scattered villages and houses on the north side of the river here are collectively referred to as Strathtay, but in fact comprise around a dozen separate settlements. At Grandtully, the C447 TOTSOs right, priority still given to the old line of the A827 down to Grandtully Bridge. The road is narrower now, winding along the wooded river bank, climbing over low rises before reverting to the waters edge.

As the road drops to the riverbank again, the houses become less frequent, and the road follows the river for about a mile, as it passes below Cluny House. The River then meanders south to run alongside the A827 for a while, leaving a large grassy meadow between the C447 and river bank. As the river turns back, the road has to take a couple of sharp bends to avoid it, before reaching the small village of Weem. Here, the river is spanned by a fine pedestrian suspension bridge, giving access to the sports park at Aberfeldy, and a short distance later the C447 comes to an end as the B846 turns sharply to continue the journey west.

C447 (Perth and Kinross)
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