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C450 (Perth and Kinross)

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From:  Tomphubil (NN774542)
To:  Bridge of Gaur (NN499570)
Via:  Kinloch Rannoch
Distance:  21.9 miles (35.2 km)
Meets:  B846, B846, B846
Highway Authorities

Perth and Kinross

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C450 Tomphubil - Bridge of Gaur
This article is about the Class III road numbered C450 maintained by Perth and Kinross Council.
For other roads numbered C450, see C450

The C450 must be one of the longest C roads in the country, stretching across the north flank of Schieallion and the south shore of Loch Rannoch, it is also a splendidly scenic drive. Along the way it dips into the remote village of Kinloch Rannoch, a place which can feel bleak and isolated at times, but on a bright summers day it is an idyllic spot with fine views and a slower pace of life.

The bridge over the River Rannoch on the spur at Kinloch Rannoch

The C450 starts on the B846 at the watershed near Tomphubil and climbs a little to the north west above Loch Kinardochy. As it turns westwards, the huge dome of Schieallion rears up ahead, making a fine prospect for an easy Munro, with two car parks providing access. The lonely farmstead of Braes of Foss is the only settlement for the first few miles, before the road drops down into the woodland above Dunalastair Reservoir. Skirting the southern shore, the road winds through the trees to a junction. Here the C450 becomes a little complicated. The main route continues ahead, but there are spurs forming a triangle which connect north into Kinloch Rannoch village and the B846.

The mainline of the C450 quickly finds the foot of Loch Rannoch, and winds pleasantly westwards along the wooded shore for around 10 miles. There are scattered houses, some grand, some ruinous, dotted along the roadside, old bridges and churches, panoramic views across the loch and wildlife aplenty to discover on what is a very enjoyable route for cyclists. Woodland walks climb up into the forestry, and tracks continue deep into the vast wilderness of hills and moorland. Eventually, the western end of the loch is reached, and the road turns north, crossing the Bridge of Gaur and quickly terminating on the B846 once more.

C450 (Perth and Kinross)
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