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C491 (South Ayrshire)

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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Ayr Street
To:  Elm Gardens
Via:  Templehill
Met:  B749
Now part of:  B749
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C491 Link in Troon
This article is about the Class III road numbered C491 maintained by South Ayrshire Council.
For other roads numbered C491, see C491

The C491 is a very odd route. The council list define it as being Templehill in Troon, although this is part of the B749, and appears to have been so for a very long time. Furthermore, Harbour Road is still listed as being part of the B749, and with no other connection between it and the rest of that route. The end points of the C491 are listed as being Ayr Street (which, as part of the B749, makes sense) and Elm Gardens, which is a short road in a very different part of Troon, and with no obvious connecting route between the two. An alternative possibility, is that where the B749 turns from Templehill into Harbour Road, a small park has been extended across the old link, forcing a double TOTSO. This park may be locally known as Elm Gardens, but there is no obvious name sign at the location.

There is some suggestion from the records for the B746 and B749 on the council lists that the B749 now continues along Harbour Road to the roundabout with Port Ranald Drive, part of a diverted B746. However, neither route connects directly with the A759, and these changes are not currently shown on any mapping, so it is uncertain if they are accurate.

C491 (South Ayrshire)
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