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C516 (Sunderland)

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From:  Docks (NZ406576)
To:  Town Moor (NZ406570)
Distance:  0.5 miles (0.8 km)
Meets:  B1293
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Route outline (key)
C516 Docks - Moor Terrace
This article is about the Class III road numbered C516 maintained by Sunderland Council.
For other roads numbered C516, see C516

The C516 is a very short route in the east end of Sunderland. It begins where the B1293 ends at the entrance to the docks, continuing towards the sea before curving round to the right onto Prospect Row, with housing to the right and wasteland to the left. The wasteland conceals a secret though - the site of Sunderland's first passenger railway station, opened in 1836 and closed in 1858. A large locomotive shed subsequently stood on the site and was operational until at least the 1980s. The wasteland soon gives way to grassy public space, while to the right what used to be an empty square of grass between streets is now the location of a large residential care home and a few houses.

Reaching the end of Prospect Row, the C516 turns sharply left onto The Quadrant and is soon flanked by grass on both sides as it traverses the Town Moor. After a long, sweeping right-hand bend the road reaches Moor Terrace, where it ends at a T-junction. This is just a few yards from the former B1294, which until 2007 turned onto Moor Terrace from Lawrence Street to the south, but it seems the two roads never met.

C516 (Sunderland)
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