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C76 (Renfrewshire)

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Location Map ( geo)
Neilston Road at Calside - Geograph - 2387867.jpg
The start of the C76 (beyond the island) at the B774 Neilston Road
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From:  Neilston Road, Paisley (NS481633)
To:  Moredun Road, Paisley (NS470621)
Distance:  1.1 miles (1.8 km)
Meets:  B774, C70, B775
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Route outline (key)
C76 Neilston Rd - Moredun Rd (Paisley)
This article is about the Class III road numbered C76 maintained by Renfrewshire Council.
For other roads numbered C76, see C76

The C76 is an urban route passing through the southern suburbs of Paisley. Starting on the B774, the road heads south westwards through the south of Paisley before terminating on the B775.


Houses on Calside near the start of the route

This almost entirely residential route starts as Calside, at the junction with the B774 where Causeyside Street becomes Neilston Road on the southern fringes of Paisley town centre. It continues as Calside for around 600 metres at which point it becomes Park Road as it climbs a hill to Brodie Park. It skirts the west side of the park, branching right at a mini roundabout becoming Stanley Road where the continuation of Park Road branches left as the C70. The route continues for around another 900 metres or so as Stanley Road before terminating on a T junction where the B775 approaches from the right along Moredun Road and TOTSOs ahead as the road becomes Gleniffer Road. Moredun Playing Fields can be seen on the left hand side of the route at its terminus.

C76 (Renfrewshire)
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