C98 (Jersey)

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From:  Bonne Nuit
To:  Les Arches
Distance:  0.6 miles (1 km)
Meets:  C99, B63
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Route outline (key)
C98 Bonne Nuit - Les Arches
This article is about the C98 in Jersey.
For other roads numbered C98, see C98

The C98 is essentially a continuation of the C99 from Bonne Nuit Bay back up the hill to meet the B63. At first it is narrow as it winds gently up hill, but around a bend it steepens and a white line appears, although it is not clear if the road really becomes any wider at first. It climbs up through a tunnel of trees, and is certainly wider as it approaches the top of the hill. A curious feature here is a triangular junction with the B63. The give way sign is sited at the apex of the triangle, in order to apply to both give way lines, sited a short distance further on. To visitors to the island this can lead to some confusion when the actual give-way line is reached, especially as the western arm of the B63 is quite a narrow road, giving the appearance of a side road.

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C98 (Jersey)
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