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Calder and Hebble Junction

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Calder and Hebble Junction
Location Map ( geo)
Calheb 96 003.JPG
Advance Direction Sign in 1996 before junction modifications.
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Salterhebble, Halifax
Highway Authority
Junction Type
At grade
Roads Joined
A629, A6026
Junctions related to the A629

The Calder and Hebble Junction, also known as Salterhebble Junction as the public house it was named after has long since been demolished, is a notorious location on the A629 heading into Halifax. Located just after the regionally infamous bottleneck at the northern end of the Elland Bypass the junction is the meeting of the A629, A6026, and B6112.

Traffic has always been a problem at this junction. When the Elland Bypass was completed in 1978, this junction became the point where the traffic funnelled into Halifax was forced into one lane just as two roads were joining. The result was queues on all approaches, especially the southbound A6026 which had to emerge onto the A629 by means of a simple priority junction, crossing two very dense flows as it did.

In the late 1980s an ambitious scheme to bypass the entire junction with a massive signalised junction was designed, and costed at £7m. This, however, was abandoned in 1996 and a cheaper solution had to be sought. The plan was for mini roundabouts and the conversion of the southern arm to one-way running. The flaw in the plan was the northernmost mini roundabout on the A629 caused a conflict of traffic and therefore northbound traffic was blocked with 40 minute delays becoming average.

In 1997, following a major public outcry, the junction was converted into its present state, with a simple right turn for southbound traffic, and signals controlling the southernmost arm of the junction. The junction is still busy at peak times, especially with turning traffic heading for West Vale on the B6112, but by and large it is easier than it once was.

No plans currently exist to improve the junction further.

Calder and Hebble Junction
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