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Carland Cross

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Carland Cross
Location Map ( geo)
A30, Get In Lane For Truro - Geograph - 3018150.jpg
Advance Direction Sign for Truro at Carland Cross on the A30
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Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A30, A39

Carland Cross is an at grade roundabout between the A30 and A39. It marks the western end of the Mitchell Bypass, as well as the northern end of the Trispen Bypass.

It started out as a fork junction between the A30, B3280 and a local road towards Ladock. The original junction still exists and can be accessed from the arm of the roundabout marked Services. It was not long before the B3280 was upgraded to Class 1 status, taking the number A3076. As time progressed, the A3076 became a favoured route to the A30 from Truro and as a result started to show its weaknesses.

The DfT pushed forward plans to bypass Mitchell and Summercourt, and by 1991 the new Carland Cross Roundabout was built, including a short realignment of the newly re-routed A39. By 1996, the Trispen Bypass was plugged into the roundabout and, at present, that is all of the improvement the junction has seen apart from a left turn filter lane for A30 eastbound traffic to pass straight through the junction unhindered.

There are now plans to bypass the A30 to the west, meaning a modified Carland Cross roundabout with a loop to the north allowing access onto the Westbound carriageway from a lightly modified roundabout on the site.


Route To Notes


Bodmin, Mitchell 1, Summercourt 4, Newquay (A3076)


Redruth, Zelah, 2½, Perranporth (B3285)


Truro, Trispen 1½, Crematorium 5
Laddock 4





Carland Cross
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A30, Get In Lane For Truro - Geograph - 3018150.jpgCarland Cross roundabout from A39 - Geograph - 4043663.jpg
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