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Listing of all roads numbered A2000 to A2999

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Route From To Length
A2000 Crayford Slade Green 1.0 mile View
A2001 High Street Elm Road 0.2 miles View
A2002 West Street London Road 0.2 miles View
A2003 Dorking Station North Holmwood 2.2 miles View
A2003 Epsom Road Cheam Road 0.3 miles View
A2004 Three Bridges Broadfield, Crawley 2.3 miles View
A2004 Epsom Road Woodbridge Road 0.7 miles View
A2005 Wincheap Northgate 0.7 miles View
A2006 High Street King Street 0.6 miles View
A2007 High Street Folkestone Road 0.1 miles View
A2008 Dymchurch Road Military Road 0.1 miles View
A2009 Biddenden Road Ashford Road 0.2 miles View
A2010 Brighton seafront Old Shoreham Road 1.2 miles View
A2011 Tushmore Gyratory Crawley Interchange 2.1 miles View
A2011 Ditton Bearsted 7.0 miles View
A2011 Cambridge Road Clarence Pier 0.7 miles View
A2012 Newnham Warnborough Green 1.3 miles View
A2012 Leatherhead By-Pass Fetcham 2.0 miles View
A2012 Orpington Orpington Bypass 0.5 miles View
A2012 Beckton Thamesmead 2.5 miles View
A2013 London Road White Post Hill 0.8 miles View
A2013 Wick Street Horsham Road 0.6 miles View
A2014 Quarry Hill Road, Tonbridge Tonbridge By-Pass 0.8 miles View
A2014 Wrotham (W) Wrotham (E) 1.0 mile View
A2015 Bromley Road, Southend, Catford High Street, Beckenham 1.6 miles View
A2016 Plumstead Erith 5.1 miles View
A2017 High Street Frindsbury Road 0.2 miles View
A2018 Bexley Dartford 2.8 miles View
A2020 British Legion Village Eyhorne Street 7.0 miles View
A2021 Willingdon Eastbourne 2.6 miles View
A2022 West Wickham Epsom 13.5 miles View
A2022 Kingsfold Northlands 1.6 miles View
A2023 Hove West Blatchington 1.8 miles View
A2024 Chichester Climping 9.9 miles View
A2025 North Lancing South Lancing 1.1 miles View
A2026 Bob Dunn Way Westgate Road 1.1 miles View
A2026 Ewell (N) Ewell (S) 1.0 mile View
A2027 Boreham Street Steven's Crouch 3.5 miles View
A2028 Morants Court Cross Sevenoaks 3.3 miles View
A2029 Landport A26 Cuilfail Tunnel 1.2 miles View
A2030 Bedhampton Portsmouth 7.5 miles View
A2031 Salvington Worthing Town Centre 2.3 miles View
A2032 Broadwater, Worthing Goring-by-Sea 2.6 miles View
A2033 Earl's Avenue Morrison Road 2.2 miles View
A2034 A20/M20 Castle Hill Interchange Folkestone town centre 1.68 miles View
A2035 Star Hill Luton Arches 1.3 miles View
A2036 Sidley Glyne Gap 1.5 miles View
A2037 Henfield Upper Beeding 4.7 miles View
A2038 Portslade Red Hill, BN3 2.1 miles View
A2039 Harbledown Canterbury 1.8 miles View
A2039 Fairfield Road / Chepstow Road Coombe Road 0.5 miles View
A2040 Upperton Road Whitley Road 0.5 miles View
A2041 Thamesmead Lesnes Abbey Woods 3.0 miles View
A2042 Kennington Park Farm 4.6 miles View
A2043 Cheam Norbiton 5.6 miles View
A2044 Woodhatch, Reigate Salfords 2.0 miles View
A2045 Walderslade Lords Wood 2.1 miles View
A2046 Portsmouth Milton 1.7 miles View
A2047 Hilsea Fratton 2.7 miles View
A2050 Harbledown Bridge 4.6 miles View
A2052 Charlton Millennium Dome 2.6 miles View
A2056 Greenwich  ??? View
A2066 View
A2067 View
A2068 View
A2070 Brenzett Kennington 13.5 miles View
A2071 View
A2073 Moulscoomb Brighton View
A2079 Lacton Interchange Kennington 1.9 miles View
A2099 Upper Brighton Road Ewell Road 0.2 miles View
A2100 John's Cross Baldslow 7.0 miles View
A2101 Hollington Hastings 2.2 miles View
A2102 Bohemia Road Grand Parade 0.9 miles View
A2198 Borough Station Tower Bridge Road 0.6 miles View
A2199 Herne Hill Crystal Palace 2.3 miles View
A2200 Tower Bridge Road Tooley Street 0.1 miles View
A2201 Jamaica Road Surrey Commercial Docks 0.3 miles View
A2202 Surrey Quays Surrey Commercial Docks 0.5 miles View
A2203 East Greenwich Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road 0.5 miles View
A2204 Woolwich High Street/Church Street Woolwich Ferry 0.1 miles View
A2205 Tower Bridge Road Tooley Street 0.7 miles View
A2206 Bricklayers Arms Bermondsey 1.3 miles View
A2207 Bermondsey Crucifix Lane 0.3 miles View
A2208 Old Kent Road Surrey Quays 1.0 mile View
A2209 Deptford Deptford Bridge 0.4 miles View
A2210 Deptford Bridge Lewisham 0.9 miles View
A2211 Greenwich Lewisham 1.0 mile View
A2212 Lee Green Bromley 3.6 miles View
A2212 Lewisham High Street Lee High Road 0.1 miles View
A2213 Kidbrooke Eltham 1.5 miles View
A2214 New Cross Brixton 3.6 miles View
A2215 Peckham Peckham Rye 0.9 miles View
A2216 Denmark Hill Sydenham 4.0 miles View
A2217 Clapham Common Camberwell 2.3 miles View
A2218 Southend Bell Green 1.1 miles View
A2219 Nothgate Tilgate 1.8 miles View
A2220 Copthorne Bewbush 6.2 miles View
A2260 Northfleet Spring Head 0.9 miles View
A2270 Polegate Old Town, Eastbourne 4.0 miles View
A2280 Lottbridge Roundabout, Eastbourne King's Drive, Eastbourne 1.3 miles View
A2290 Lottbridge Roundabout Seaside, Eastbourne 1.0 mile View
A2300 Hickstead Burgess Hill 1.8 miles View
A2310 Chatham Dockyard, Brompton Medway Tunnel 0.6 miles View
A2400 Horsham Southwater 1.5 miles View
A2500 Cowstead Farm Eastchurch 3.8 miles View
A2590 View
A2690 Bexhill Hastings 3.5 miles View
A2691 Ninfield Road Wrestwood Road 2.1 miles View
A2700 Patching Goring-by-Sea 1.7 miles View
A2990 Clapham Hill, Whitstable Greenhill, Herne Bay 6.0 miles View 


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