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Route From To Length
A1 St Helier St Aubin 3.5 miles View
A10 Millbrook St John 3.6 miles View
A11 A1/A2 junction St Peters Valley Head 2.2 miles View
A12 Beaumont St Ouen 3.5 miles View
A13 St Aubin La Moye 2.9 miles View
A14 Queens Road St Saviours Hill 0.5 miles View
A15 Havre des Pas Howard Davis Park 0.3 miles View
A16 St Helier South Hill 0.5 miles View
A17 St Helier Harbour Georgetown 0.7 miles View
A2 St Helier A1/A11 junction 2.2 miles View
A3 St Helier Gorey 4.5 miles View
A4 St Helier A3 south of Gorey 6.6 miles View
A5 St Helier Fauvic 2.9 miles View
A6 St Helier St Martin 3.7 miles View
A7 St Helier Five Oaks 1.7 miles View
A8 St Helier Hautes Croix 5.4 miles View
A9 St Helier St John 5.3 miles View 


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