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Listing of 3-digit zone-3 B roads.

Route From To Length


B300 Borough High Street Westminster Bridge Road 1.2 miles View
B301 Vauxhall Kennington 0.6 miles View
B302 Chelsea Embankment Chelsea Bridge Road 0.5 miles View
B303 Clapham Common Clapham Old Town 0.3 miles View
B303 Clapham Common North Side Battersea Park Road 0.8 miles View
B38 Bournbrook Selly Oak 0.6 miles View
B384 Bournbrook Selly Oak 0.6 miles View
B304 South Kensington tube station Chelsea Embankment 0.9 miles View
B305 York Road Battersea Bridge Road 0.8 miles View
B306 Red Rover Putney Bridge 1.4 miles View
B307 Kingston Road Portsmouth Road 0.2 miles View
B308 Trafalgar Square Victoria Embankment 0.2 miles View
B309 Regent Street Piccadilly 0.5 miles View
B310 Eaton Square Hyde Park Corner 0.5 miles View
B310 West Brompton Westminster 3.5 miles View
B311 West End, Woking Frimley 4.5 miles View
B311 Buckingham Palace Road Sloane Square 0.8 miles View
B312 Lower Grosvenor Place Hobart Place 0.2 miles View
B313 Buckingham Palace Road Chelsea Bridge Road 0.3 miles View
B314 Cromwell Place Kensington High Street 1.4 miles View
B315 King's Road Fulham Road 0.2 miles View
B316 Kensington High Street Pembroke Road 0.3 miles View
B317 West Kensington Fulham 0.5 miles View
B318 King's Road Fulham Broadway 0.25 miles View
B319 Belgrave Square Brompton Road 0.6 miles View
B321 Richmond Bridge Richmond Park (Richmond Gate) 0.61 miles View
B322 Richmond Hill Sheen Road, Richmond 0.7 miles View
B323 Lambeth Bridge Buckingham Palace 0.9 miles View
B324 Greycoat Place Vauxhall Bridge Road 0.3 miles View
B325 Kensington Road Cromwell Road 0.5 miles View
B326 Westminster Pimlico 0.7 miles View
B327 Haymarket Regent Street 0.06 miles View
B341 Oakley Canford Magna 1.5 miles View
B349 Barnes High Street Lower Richmond Road 0.9 miles View
B350 Barnes High Street Castelnau 1.4 miles View
B351 Mortlake Norbiton 4.5 miles View
B352 Ham Common Richmond Park (Ham Gate) 0.62 miles View
B353 Petersham Kew 2.5 miles View
B354 Sheen Road Hill Street 0.3 miles View
B355 Mortlake Richmond 1.5 miles View
B356 Mortlake Kew 1.1 miles View
B357 Clarence Street Richmond Road 0.5 miles View
B358 Hampton Wick Hounslow 5.0 miles View
B359 Hampton Court Road Park Road 0.2 miles View
B360 Waldegrave Road, Strawberry Hill Broad Street, Teddington 0.6 miles View
B361 Twickenham Hounslow 2.2 miles View
B362 Hanworth Road Staines Road 0.2 miles View
B363 Lampton Isleworth 1.7 miles View
B364 Portsmouth Road Ember Lane 1.1 miles View
B365 High Street, Walton-on-Thames Byfleet Road, Cobham 3.5 miles View
B366 Wisley Interchange Byfleet Road 0.9 miles View
B367 West Byfleet Ripley 3.1 miles View
B368 Send Send Marsh 1.0 mile View
B369 Walton-on-Thames East Molesey 2.5 miles View
B370 Hampton Court Bridge Weybridge 5.9 miles View
B371 Queens Road Seven Hills Road 0.1 miles View
B372 Queens Road, Weybridge Brooklands Road, Weybridge 0.7 miles View
B373 Queen's Road Weybridge Station 0.6 miles View
B374 Church Street, Weybridge Byfleet Road, Byfleet 2.3 miles View
B375 Chertsey Halliford 4.1 miles View
B376 Upton, Slough Walton Bridge Road, Shepperton 12.8 miles View
B377 Laleham Feltham 3.7 miles View
B378 Stanwell Littleton Common 3.6 miles View
B379 Staines Longford 3.0 miles View
B380 Kingfield, Woking Bullswater Common, Pirbright 4.9 miles View
B381 Vicarage Road Kingfield Road 0.2 miles View
B382 West Byfleet Old Woking 2.4 miles View
B383 Chobham Cranbourne 8.1 miles View
B384 Sheerwater Horsell 0.8 miles View
B385 New Haw Sheerwater 1.9 miles View
B386 Chertsey (South) Windlesham 7.4 miles View
B387 Eastworth, Chertsey Chertsey Lock 0.48 miles View
B388 Egham Chertsey 4.0 miles View
B389 Thorpe Virginia Water 1.9 miles View
B390 Heytesbury Shrewton 8.4 miles View 



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