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Route From To Length
B1 Minorca South Cape View
B1 Port e Vullen The Hibernian 5.6 miles View
B10 Barregarrow Brandywell 5.6 miles View
B10 Sandygate Snaefell View
B11 Douglas Ramsey 13.4 miles View
B11 Ballaragh Minorca 2.0 miles View
B12 Douglas Cronk-ny-Mona View
B12 Creg ny Baa Fairy Cottage 3.2 miles View
B13 Ballanard Sir George's Bridge View
B13 Jurby East Ballaghaie 0.86 miles View
B14 Andreas Glenduff 3.4 miles View
B14 Union Mills East Baldwin View
B15 Braddan Bridge Injebreck View
B15 Ramsey Ramsey 0.2 miles View
B16 Ballamillaghyn Crosby View
B16 Milltown Glen Auldlyn 0.8 miles View
B17 Churchtown Glentramman 0.3 miles View
B17 Kewaigue Foxdale View
B18 Ellenbrook Orrisdale 5.0 miles View
B18 Port St Mary Kallow Point 0.6 miles View
B19 Glen Vine Ballasalla 6.7 miles View
B19 Ballajora Lewaigue 1.6 miles View
B2 Bride Point of Ayre View
B2 Andreas Ballawhine 1.6 miles View
B20 Onchan Ballacoar 2.5 miles View
B21 Colby Peel View
B21 Ballaoates Algare 1.7 miles View
B22 Ballabeg Keeill Fort 1.0 mile View
B22 Cronkdoo Mount Rule 5.3 miles View
B23 Port Soderick Ballaveare 0.7 miles View
B24 Ballig Peel 2.8 miles View
B24 Santon Oatlands 0.6 miles View
B25 Glen Grenaugh Glentraugh 0.7 miles View
B25 Patrick Kennaa View
B26 Andreas Dhowin 1.7 miles View
B26 Glen Grenaugh Bellachurry 0.6 miles View
B27 Braddan Bridge Ballaughton 0.4 miles View
B28 High Street Queens Road View
B29 Ballanank The Gate 1.3 miles View
B3 Bride Ballaugh View
B3 Andreas Sartfield 2.9 miles View
B30 Ballamodha St Mark's 1.5 miles View
B30 Port Erin A4 S of Foxdale 8.3 miles View
B31 Onchan Howstrake 0.5 miles View
B32 Castletown Ballasalla View
B32 Union Mills Cooil 1.4 miles View
B33 Kentraugh Croit e Caley 0.7 miles View
B34 Onchan Willaston 0.3 miles View
B35 Crosby St Mark's 4.2 miles View
B36 Eairy Shenvalley 1.2 miles View
B37 Stuggadhoo Newtown 1.8 miles View
B38 Ballachrink Ballachrine 0.5 miles View
B39 Ronague Corlea 3.1 miles View
B4 Jurby East Sandygate 1.2 miles View
B4 Ramsey The Cronk 7.3 miles View
B40 Ballabeg Grenaby 1.5 miles View
B41 Silverdale Kerrowmoar 2.6 miles View
B42 Ballabeg Ronague 1.3 miles View
B43 Ballabeg Ballagawne 1.0 mile View
B44 Colby Lingague 1.5 miles View
B45 Rhenwyllan Ballagawne 0.5 miles View
B46 Port Erin Ballagawne 0.3 miles View
B47 Ballafesson Fleshwick Bay 1.3 miles View
B48 Royal Drive, Onchan Port Jack View
B49 Laxey Harbour Laxey Beach View
B5 Andreas Ballawhane View
B5 Jurby West Ballacain 0.9 miles View
B50 Silverdale Ballasalla 0.5 miles View
B52 Keristal Oakhill 0.4 miles View
B53 Ballasalla Rondaldsway Airport 0.8 miles View
B54 Onchan Pleasure Park Central Drive View
B55 Royal Drive Royal Terrace View
B56 Port Jack Falkland Drive View
B57 Old Laxey Laxey Beach View
B57 Royal Avenue Royal Terrace View
B58 Laxey Old Laxey View
B59 Port Erin Beach Ballafesson Road View
B6 Andreas Bride View
B6 Andreas Ballakinnag (S) 1.7 miles View
B60 Old Laxey Laxey Harbour View
B61 Woodbourne Road Quarter Bridge Road 0.5 miles View
B62 Athol Street Barrack Street View
B63 Woodburn Road Broadway 0.4 miles View
B64 Prospect Hill Harris Promenade View
B65 Victoria Street Lord Street View
B66 Derby Road Broadway View
B67 TT Circuit Start/Finish Line Isle of Man College View
B68 Prospect Hill St Georges Church View
B69 Lord Street North Quay View
B7 Andreas Sarefield 2.9 miles View
B7 Regaby Keroogarroo 1.8 miles View
B70 Duke Street Loch Promenade View
B71 Alexander Drive St Ninians View
B73 Loch Promenade Bath Place View
B74 Circular Street Trinity Methodist Church View
B75 Trinity Methodist Church St Thomas' Church View
B76 Broadway Somerset Road View
B77 Town Hall Lord Street View
B78 Church Street Wellington Street View
B79 North Quay Lake Road View
B8 West Sulby Sulby 1.0 mile View
B8 Jurby East Sandygate 1.2 miles View
B80 Port Wallberry Douglas 1.9 miles View
B81 Douglas Bridge Tesco Car Park View
B82 Athol Street Circular Road View
B9 The Cronk Ballavolley 1.9 miles View
B9 Jurby West Ballacain 0.9 miles View 


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